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Name No.sort icon Type Year
Dragon Shiryu Dragon Shiryu 01 Anime Figure, Character Toy 2010
Aries Mu Aries Mu G01 Anime Figure, Character Toy, Statue 2012
Optimus Prime Optimus Prime MN-001 Action Figure, Character Toy 2014
Megatron Megatron MN03 Action Figure, Character Toy 2014
Mecha Nations Devastator Mecha Nations Devastator MN08 Action Figure 2016
Combattler V Combattler V SR 01 Robot Toy 2016
Kids Nations Series TF 04 Constructicons Kids Nations Series TF 04 Constructicons TF04 Character Toy 2015
Title Publish datesort icon
Magnetic Levitation Back to the Future Part II DeLorean updated 02.12.16
Kids Nations SR01 Combattler V 12.16.15
Mecha Nations Series Transformers Bumblebee 09.21.15
Mecha Nations Transformers Ultra Magnus 07.16.15
Mecha Nations Transformers King Starscream Coronation kit 07.16.15
Mecha Nations Transformers Devastator Action Figure 07.16.15
Kid Nations Transformers Constructicons LED figure Set 07.16.15
Kids Nations Saint Seiya SS01 Series 12.16.14
Kids Nation Transformers Toy Soul 2014 Limited Edition Set 12.16.14
Mecha Nations Megatron Gold Edition 2014 TOY SOUL Exclusive 12.09.14
Iron Man 3 Earphone Jack Accessory Series 3 and Hall of Armor Diorama 09.17.14
Yashao Gai Diecast Action Figure from Tenkuu Senki Shurato 09.09.14
Cosmos Burning Collection Gold Saint Sagittarius from Saint Seiya 08.16.14
Transformers 999 Pure Silver Plated Limited Edition Megatron, Starscream, and Soundwave 07.21.14
Transformers 24K Gold Plated Limited Edition Optimus Prime, Grimlock, and Bumblebee 07.21.14
Mecha Nations Optimus Prime from Transformers Age of Extinction 07.21.14
Mecha Nations Megatron 06.24.14
Mecha Nations Black Convoy from Transformers 05.29.14
Transformers Kids Series Updated 04.05.14
Iron Man Mark XLII Secret Project (Night Combat Edition), Egg Attack Iron Man 3 01.29.14
Cosmo Burning Collection Gemini Saga 12.13.13
Shurato (Tenkū Senki Shurato) by Kid's Logic Updated 11.26.13
Action Nation Series 1/6 Scale Akuma from Street Fighter IV 11.08.13
SD G1 Optimus Prime by Kids Logic Updated 07.30.13
Kids Logic at the Hong Kong Animation Festival 2013 07.26.13
CBC G05 Gemini Saga 10.18.12
Egg Attack EA-001 - Iron Man Mark IV 10.09.12
Cosmos Burning Collection - Cancer Death Mask 08.22.12
Cosmos Burning Collection - Pope Aries 08.22.12
CBC SP02 Athena Saori Kido 08.09.12
Cosmos Burning Collection Saint Seiya Leo Aiolia 07.25.12
EGG ATTACK Iron Man 2 by Kids Logic 07.16.12
Masked Rider iPhone cases by KIds Logic 07.16.12
Cosmos Burning Collection - Taurus Aldebaran 06.20.12
Cosmos Burning Collection - Phoenix Ikki by Kids Logic 07.12.11
Cosmos Burning Collection - Andromeda Shun by Kids Logic 07.12.11
Cosmos Burning Collections Andromeda Shun 05.19.11
Cosmos Burning Collections Phoenix Ikki 05.19.11
Saint Seiya CBC 002, Deformed Cygnus Hyoga Final Version 03.03.11
Saint Seiya CBC 002, Deformed Pegasus Seiya Final Version 11.30.10
Kids Logic - Cosmos Burning Collection - Cosmos Base 11.28.10
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