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About Me :

Robots. Japanese Robots. LOTSA Japanese Robots! Transformers, Chogokins, Sentai Robots, Super Robots, and many more. Also featuring numerous other Super Hero and Cartoon action figures.

I've always been a big robo-fan, as long as I can remember. Transformers have been my main focus and passion since they were introduced in 1984, but since learning more of the vast world of Japanese toy robots my collection has become pretty diverse over the years. I have once again learned to love great classics like Mazinger Z (or Tranzor Z, as I remember in my youth) and Combattler V, as well as newer masterpieces, such as Evangelion and Aquarion. And I've even taken a liking to some of the Super Sentai series and their awesome array of combining mechas. Machine Robo is also a big big favorite, and Macross is one of my all time favorites, coming in at a close second to TFs. I just can't get enough toy robots.

Some of my action figures include Classic ToyBiz X-Men, Mattel's Batman comic figure series, as well as the recent Masters of the Universe. More favorites include TMNT (old and new) and G.I. Joe figures (mostly 3.75" but Sigma 6 is shaping up to be a nice series too).

What is your all time favorite toy?
My original G1 Optimus Prime that I've had since 1984.


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