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About Me :

Just some 14 year old Otaku with a fetish for plastic, Die-Cast metal, Manga/Anime and sweaty Japanese men in latex rubber monster suits. That's all! ^^

I first starting getting into this hobby by watching old Godzilla movies on Sci-Fi channel, and then got somewhat. Decayed VHS tapes of episodes of Johnny Sokko and his flying Robot/ Giant Robo, Gigantor and Ultraman. And then I saw Transformers Energon and Megas XLR on Toonami and that changed who I am, then my Dad talked about the old Micronauts and Shogun Warriors toys he had as a kid and I became more aware of stuff I hadn't a clue about and I guess that's were I am today.....

What is your all time favorite toy?
Hmm, Tough to say, either the original 2001 Toa Mata Tahu, G1 Optimus Prime, Microman Lady Command or GA-01 Mazinger Z

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