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United States/Philippines
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Bayonne NJ/ Quezon City


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My collection includes Soul of Chogokin, Souchaku Henshin, Super Sentai, Transformers and the latest American gokin Titanium series. I started since I was 12 when it all started w/ Power Ranger toys(Storm Power Megazord). I was disappointed w/ the quality of it and so I asked my parents to buy a Japanese version(DX Senpuujin). After recieveing it I was so impressed w/ the quality and the weight of it that I decided that collecting die-cast models was my new hobby! Now I've been collecting for 3 years now and so far I have a collection of 39 to 40 collectibles(most of them Souchaku Henshin).

What is your all time favorite toy?
GX-31 Voltes V and GX-32 Gold Lightan


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