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Spartan MkV Commando (Bambaland Exclusive)


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This guy is sooooo tempting, but

This guy is sooooo tempting, but I don't feel willing to assemble a squad at sixth scale, and I think if I picked up one tacticool Spartan I'd need at least two more. Speaking of tacticool, I really feel like this exclusive deserved more STUFF, since it's not beholden to a specific personal gear layout like the Carter figure is. It would be really amazing with paired shoulder pads, more grenades, etc. I guess some of these parts, like grenades, will be duplicated in any future releases, so you could then load one guy up with more gear.

I'm hoping they do a Master Chief (preferably Halo 2 or 3 version, but I guess the weird Halo 4 redesign would be fine) at some point. If I'm just gonna pick up one Spartan, 117 with the assault rifle and magnum would be preferable.

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Posted by recognizer on 26 April, 2013 - 11:56