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Snake Eyes


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Freaky Cool

Nice review, interesting design. It'd be a different take, but being synthetic would be a new spin on the injuries that muted him and caused him to don the mask.

Optimal III's picture
Posted by Optimal III on 30 March, 2017 - 20:44

I kind of hate it.

Heavyarms's picture
Posted by Heavyarms on 31 March, 2017 - 09:39
I'm going to have to agree

There's some great detail work, but as a whole it just has a lot of odd proportions. The arms look way too small and skinny for the rest of the body, and I just can't get down with the synthetic human skull laziness. It's a shame because the accessories probably would have looks killer on a better base frame.

Sabastian's picture
Posted by Sabastian on 31 March, 2017 - 19:37