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Gipsy Danger


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It’s great having you

It’s great having you reviewing regularly again. Explaining the replacement arms is pure gold. I haven’t laughed that hard since you described transforming the Beagel Ridearmor (I think) as wrestling a drunk octopus.

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Posted by TattooedRobot on 26 March, 2018 - 16:26
Thanks. My budget and

Thanks. My budget and lifestyle has changed to where I can't afford a lot of the super expensive stuff anymore, but I've been trying to get more reviews in now that life has settled down. It's been a few years of couch surfing, unknown futures and overall chaos but it's finally starting to calm down. Thanks for hanging in there.

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Posted by JoshB on 26 March, 2018 - 19:15
Great review and good to see you back!

Great review and love the quality pictures! Mine arrives very soon but I totally get you on budget and lifestyle change. Being a huge fan of the original Pacific Rim movie and a huge SOC fan (although this looks like it has more in common with my Metal Build Mazinger Z than my SOC Voltron), I had to find a way to get this guy. Now its time to start setting some money aside for Crimson Typhoon. Thanks again for the review! Too bad about the sub par execution of the arms and battery compartments :(

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Posted by SDFcommander on 31 March, 2018 - 00:10