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Cure Rhythm

Cure Rhythm
Cure Rhythm
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Review by VIR

A stalwart, formalistic, and culinarily expressive Cure, Cure Rhythm is the second and white member of the Suite Precure troupe. With a love for rules, rules, more rules, food, and sometimes music, Cure Rhythm fights to protect the world from the evil plots of Mephisto and keep the Melody of Happiness from becoming the Melody of Sorrow. Most importantly, she fights to protect and strengthen her friendship with her friends and fellow Cures.

With this, Banpresto gives us the Cure Rhythm plush doll from the Toei Magical Girl show entitled Suite PreCure♪. An adorable and perfectly snuggle-able rendition of the character, this plush is perfect for anyone who loves Suite.

Let’s review:


As with most plushies, there isn’t any packaging. In fact, as this one was purchased second-hand, there isn’t even the sometimes-collected and always-important tag, either. I have a feeling, however, that it looked somewhat like this one from Cure Blossom:


Thanks, Ice Cream Soldier; You da best.


Cure Rhythm is a bubbling mass of adorable.
This pretty much captures that (though she does seem a lot less stern in this form).





She is designed with SD proportions in mind. For those who do not know, SD stands for “super deformed. She isn’t nearly as SD as Cure Blossom’s plush, as her head isn’t 70% of her construction. I personally enjoy this design a little more as it makes the plush seem a little more humanoid, for lack of a better word. On her face is a permanent smile, an expression of simple happiness that brightens your day. Her eyes and other facial features are all expertly sewn on and have a good, taut feeling about them.


For a child’s plush, there is quite a good bit of detail on this toy. Her suit emulates her animation model pretty well, as well as a plush can do. On her chest is her Cure Module made from an iridescent material and painted with all the appropriate colors. Her wrists include heart and bow endowed cuffs, and her skirt is made from the same iridescent material as her Module. This material really makes the plush shine and give off that “magical girl” aura; it’s a real nice touch.


Upon her head is her bow along with a heart-headband. These, too, are made of said iridescent material and look great.


Her boots are made of a rubber/latex material and are sewn around her feet and legs. Cross-hatches, lines, and more of that glorious iridescent material bring them closer to her boots from the show, those awesome, awesome boots.


Her hair is also lined with a slightly dark yellow to show-off animation details and a facsimile of layers of hair. Hidden under the top of her hair is also a braid, a nice little touch from her animation model!



While there are no technically accepted points of articulation, Rhythm has sewn-in joints for her legs and shoulders, basically where they are connected.

Cure Rhythm stands right at 11 inches tall, the same size as the other DX sized plushes from Banpresto’s Precure line.



Cuteness not necessarily being tangible, Rhythm comes with no accessories.


Being adorable, snuggly, cuddly, etc.
You know, all the best ones.

Closing Remarks:

I’m a pretty big fan of Suite Precure, and Cure Rhythm is my favourite Cure from said show. This plush is a very welcomed addition to my growing collection of Precure merchandise. This plush does well in both important fields: construction and playability, as she is well detailed and made and always there for when you want something to give a great big hug and kiss to. If you like Suite, Cure Rhythm, or if this design hits you just right, then I certainly recommend this plush.


Posted 10 February, 2012 - 15:59 by VIR