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Cure White

Cure White
Cure White
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¥ 3,500
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Review by Dkun

Cure White was provided by HobbyLink Japan. Get yours there!

When the S.H. Figuarts for the original two Precures came out a lot of people seemed to be pretty eager and ready to pick up Cure Black, and who could blame them? The cute spunky design is able to fit in on shelves pretty well despite being a rather girly figure. Unfortunately it seems that her partner in justice Cure White has since been left in the shadows in comparison. Fans seem much more eager to pick up the spunky athletic Cure Black than they are the quiet and reserved Cure White. Is Cure White as good as Cure Black, or does she warrant the lack of attention? Let's find out.

Cure White comes in a package that is very similar to Cure Black’s box. The only major differences are the color choices, which go with a White’s personal color scheme of white and blue.

A neat thing to note is the fact that the side flaps on the box have some silhouette pictures of Cure White, and if you line it up with the Cure Black box, you get to iconic poses between the two. It’s a pretty neat tiny feature that a lot of people may not have noticed.

Out of the package Cure White is a lot more… slender than Cure Black when you first get her in hands. Waists down her joints are pretty much the same as Black’s, but her arms are entirely different. Her shoulder pads are sculpted much smaller and cup at her tiny shoulders a lot more tightly than Black’s shoulder pads. The pegs on Cure White’s wrists are TINY! It really is a pain to swap hands on this thing some times.

In an interesting move, Cure White has some movable hair. Her hair is separated into three sections: two side splits of hair, and a giant wad of hair right in the back. They are all ball jointed and help her emote slightly more in certain poses.

Cure White comes with a similar set of hands to Black: fists, splayed hands, and a pointing hand. However, Cure White’s hands are much less cartoony and instead more elegant and refined. It works for her character though.

Of course, Cure White also comes with several faces. In addition to her normal neutral face, she has a smiling face and a yelling face. It’s a shame that she doesn’t have an extremely cartoony face like Cure Black does, but it really isn’t in her character to act like that so I can’t get too annoyed about a tiny detail like that.

One of the main draws to getting Cure White is that you can use the special hands that Cure Black came with so that the two of them can hold their hands together so they can do their special attack: Marble Screw. It took a bit of fiddling to get them positioned just right, but the end result is pretty satisfying and awesome for sure.

Although personally I prefer to have them pointing and yelling at the forces of evil to return from whence they came.

So is Cure White worth it? I think so. In many ways Cure Black is the more solid figure between the pair. However, when the two are right next to each other it’s just such a nice display. These two really are a pair and need to be together if you ask me. After all, the show is called “The two of us are Precure".

Cure White was provided by HobbyLink Japan. Get yours there!

Posted 13 March, 2012 - 11:35 by Dkun