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Cure Blossom

Cure Blossom
Cure Blossom
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Review by VIR

An indecisive, worrisome, yet valiant Cure, Cure Blossom is the premier and magenta member of the HeartCatch Precure troupe. With a love for all things floral, Cure Blossom fights to protect each person's Heart Flower from withering, to protect the world from the Desert Apostles. For this, she will sacrifice her own well being; she will protect the flowers of our hearts.

With this, Banpresto gives us the Cure Blossom plush doll from the Toei Magical Girl show entitled HeartCatch: Precure!

She's SD.
She's perfectly adorable.
She's magenta.
And she's exceptionally cuddly.

Let's review:


Uh. Yeah.
Cure Blossom has none.
All she came with was this tag. It says a lot of things in Japanese.

cure blossom plush


I really like Cure Blossom.
I really like the color Magenta.
This plush is an awesome culmination of those two things.

cure blossom

cure blossom plush

cure blossom plush

cure blossom plush

Blossom is rendered in the SD fashion, SD -- for all who don't know -- meaning Super Deformed. Her head is very large and overshadows her body by leaps and bounds. She's wearing a cute winking expression on her face, and all the features are tightly and well sewn on. Her ears have painted on earrings as well.

cure blossom plush

The detail is quite staggering for a plush. Her suit includes all the little and big items and details that normally adorn it. On her chest is a felt cutout of her bow, securely attached and fastened along with a small, iridescent charm in the middle. Attached to her wrist are her petal cuffs which are triple toned and have little painted flowers on them. Her petal skirt is a single-ply cutout with more shiny material used for a glowing effect. Her Heart Perfume is also tampo-ed on.

cure blossom plush

In her left hand is a fabric Flower Tact. Nice addition to the B version, as it is absent from the A.

cure blossom plush

Her boots are cut from a rubber material and sewn together around her feet. Dots and lines upon it make them more reminiscent of the show.

cure blossom plush

Her bow sits upon her head fastened at the center. It's also covered with more iridescent material. This is a nice added effect. It can crease rather easily, however, so keep that in mind.

cure blossom plush


Technically... it's infinite.

But, more realistically, Blossom has sewn joints at the shoulders and hips where everything is connected. Her hair is also just a long length of fabric, so that counts, right?

Cure Blossom stands at about 11 inches from the bottom of her boots the top of her head, more near a foot with the bow and hair "bump" included.

cure blossom plush


Nothing connects of disconnects here, but this version -- Type B -- of the plush comes with Blossom's Tact, a HeartCatch's main melee weapon... besides their fists and such.


Being absolutely snuggly.

Best. Gimmick. Ever.

Closing Remarks:

I am a very big fan of HeartCatch, and this plush is just another fantastic piece to my collection. Blossom takes very well to the plush treatment and is given a very quality plush rendition. The detail and fabrication is great, and -- most importantly -- she is perfectly cuddly. And for an average price of 1800 yen, how can you go wrong? If you like HeartCatch or just this design, I definitely recommend this plush.

cure blossom plush

Note: My review is of the Type B HeartCatch plush, meaning that the plush is winking and has a Flower Tact. The A type has both eyes open and no Flower Tact. See above the differences between a Type A Cure Marine and my Type B Blossom... and notice how great of a pair they make :3

Posted 13 February, 2012 - 13:51 by VIR