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Tetsukyojin Anime Color Version *Miyazawa Limited Model


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This looks really nice but

This looks really nice but im not sure about the price ^_^;....although the normal shiny one might look better IMO :)

(Im sorta worried about their orguss price when it get released >_<)

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Posted by Bahim Z 360 on 10 August, 2009 - 20:06
Great review thank you Josh!

Great review as usual thanks , we always appreciate an impartial good review...!
Bahim Z 360 good point, this version is a bit expensive actually. But we got a few left at low price :)
have a look!

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Posted by Anime Export on 11 August, 2009 - 02:22
Im extreamly suprised that

Im extreamly suprised that anime-export itself is a member here in CDX!!!XD

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Posted by Bahim Z 360 on 11 August, 2009 - 15:11
Tetsukyojin Anime Color Version *Miyazawa Limited Model

Both versions of Tetsukyojin are exquisite. But I would go for the anime color (as usual) rather than the metallic one.

However, having never watched the anime and knowing nothing about the robot except that it's a Super Robot makes me want to pass on this one, although I fear I might regret it.

CM's is a firm which I love dearly but their prices are very expensive, unfortunately.

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Posted by grendizer1975 on 11 August, 2009 - 17:17
Never seen Galient

I've never watched galient before but I'm a little more than tempted to pick this up if only because this guy is featured in brave saga and brave saga 2 along with votoms, dougram and the yuushas

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Posted by Rodimus1138 on 14 June, 2010 - 01:10