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Master Grade RX-75 Guntank


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Treads are a major issue for me also

For me this model is meant to be displayed only, rolling the tank will cause the tread to breakdown quickly =.

Excellent review

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Posted by slee915 on 19 April, 2015 - 13:38

Well, I'm glad it's not just me then, but that's still kind of sad.

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Posted by Optimal III on 20 April, 2015 - 19:30
Model V Toy

Great review. Glad to see some more Gunpla on the page that I'm not building. I built the HGUC Guntank and so I wasn't interested in the Master Grade. I thought it was okay, more like the MSIA toy than the Master Grade

If you had a Gunpla LED unit, you could make the dashboard/cockpit light up! With all of the mechanical gimmicks for the recoil action of the cannons, one of the old 'wish list' ideas for the Guntank was making it motorized, but like you said, the plastic treads... not good.

I could check, but I'll ask, was all of the parts for the Core Fighter on a runner of its own or was it scattered with the Guntank's parts?
I also now I see where the landing gear/cradle for the Core Fighter came from. I was wondering if it was exclusive to the RX-78-2 Version 3. That'll remind me again to double check my source pages!

On the battle of Model V Toy, I'll always side with the model, but I agree with your points on the out of the box instant gratification...
this is why we can't have Gunpla in America anymore!!!! Ha... ow I made myself cry.

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Posted by Rob on 20 April, 2015 - 08:02
Not sure

I can't remember off the top of my head. I checked the box when I got home from work, thinking I'd kept the sprues, but I actually tossed them. I want to say the parts were scattered.

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Posted by Optimal III on 20 April, 2015 - 19:32