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Venus Ace Queen Of Gold


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Though your finish may be

Though your finish may be dull, your review is a precious scroll in this Library of Alexandria of Toys. I'm curious about the other mazinger angels now.

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Posted by jacksauce on 11 November, 2010 - 13:55
Queen of my heart

Awesome review, I for one am glad Collection DX is taking some time to review some old rare items such as this. Personally i had no idea this beauty existed and I'll definatly keep an eye open for it if i happen to find one. I like to collect rare items and I'm still on the look out for a 1st edition 1969 Mazinger Z. I've found a few here and there but since it's become so rare people are offering it for 500+ $. Original price is around 250 $.

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Posted by Mazinkaizer on 11 November, 2010 - 17:13
Mrs. Reideen

Great review. Great figure. I pre ordered this one from day 1.

I have since gotten rid of all my Maz Angels but she is spectacular. She is posing confidently next to the Black Reideen SOC. I think they're dating. Standing together it's as though they were made for each other. :D

The finish is still intact on mine. Sorry to hear about yours. Dunno what that could be from. The problem with mine is the boobs pop out at the slightest touch. Normally this would be ideal with real women but kind of annoying on this figure.

Again, great review. Thanks!

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Posted by Robots In Love on 11 November, 2010 - 23:38
Bittersweet review. Sorry

Bittersweet review. Sorry you got a poor example.

The Maz Angels are indeed gorgeous. I've always wanted to add a couple to my collection, but they've been pricey from day one. I've seen a few up close in others' collections, and they've been striking. I don't recall any of the finish problems you noted, but this was a while back, and I didn't get to handle them.

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Posted by japester on 12 November, 2010 - 01:03
MISB Lesson #1

You unfortunately learned the MISB lessons the hard way. Just because it's "Mint In A Sealed Box" doesn't mean what's inside is mint, or even "new" inside. Years of collecting vintage boxed Star Wars items will teach you this pretty quick. I've bought tons of sealed boxes only to find styrofoam rotted, or Takara chrome flaking off weapons, of the worst, Godaikin Styrofoam rot, which is near impossible to clean, and completely impossible to tell in 1st series windowless boxes.

I actually no longer buy anything MISB, as I'm going to open it anyway, and you can save 25% or more off of retail by buying a used or opened SOC. I just make sure it's got a box in decent shape. The price just plummets for new but opened SOCs, which is good for collectors, bad for re-sellers. After I bought (what I thought) was a MISB Go-Lion last year to open it and find styrofoam stains and discoloration, I'm finished buying MISB without window-boxes.

I've seen this particular Venus go as high as $300, and recently as low as $30 shipped. The Angels are pretty all over the place price wise, I'd say anyone interested should do a little research on Y!J and eBay, and see what they go for. As with all SOC, remember, if it's super rare, then there won't be 5-10 of them up there, no matter what the price. Sellers play with the prices so be careful not to pay hundreds more for something just because there hasn't been one up for sale for a few weeks.

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Posted by The Big R on 12 November, 2010 - 12:41