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Brave Gokin Goshogun

Awesome review and pics Josh. Now you're making me want one. I hope that CMs continues to release robots that are untouched by Bandai. I have high expectations with their upcoming Legioss and Tread set.

BTW, is there any diecast part on the three ships?

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Posted by nikodiablo on 29 April, 2007 - 22:33
No diecast in the small ships

There is no diecast in the small ships.

If CM's can keep the legioss and tlead simple, they will be great. I am becoming increasingly weary of overcomplicated toys.


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Posted by JoshB on 30 April, 2007 - 08:49
Rocking review...

May have to get over my modern gokin phobia and pick this sucker up.

I woulda liked to have seen the Go Flasher gimmick in the video review, Josh. C'mon just don't do enough for us hobo toy collectors! ;)

Seriously, though...does it really shoot well? Eye-gougingly well??? Reading the review and checking out other collectors' pics, I kept thinking to myself that if this thing had a shooty gimmick, it'd be pretty much perfect.


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Posted by Sanjeev on 1 May, 2007 - 17:26
It shoots really nice. I had

It shoots really nice. I had thought i recorded it, but i had the camera on pause instead of record, so you missed out on me showing the diecast content, and the shooting mechanism.

I can bring him to lunch if you like.

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Posted by JoshB on 1 May, 2007 - 18:38
This is a pretty old review,

This is a pretty old review, but I wanted to comment nonetheless, even with the lack of faith that someone will read this. Maybe I'm just bored.

I got this piece a few days ago, and Josh is right about how amazing it is. I don't even have the well-tested standards of a real gokin collector, and I love this thing. It really is 80%+ metal. The articulation of the upper body is to die for, but the legs are only slightly behind what I expected. This is, of course, because I am a noob who doesn't know WHAT to expect.

The fit of the mostly-red ship on the stand is a bit tighter on my set, but mine comes with an unfortunately loose hip, and minor defects on the finishes of the weapons. Also, I am still looking for a screwhole cover that I lost during installation; the one for the left toe part of the foot. All the others are in, and if I don't find it, it's going to bug the hell out of me (just like the missing sword connector of the Baikanfu set).

Overall, I am very pleased for what I paid ($101.70 shipped). Thank you for selling me on this figure with this great review, Josh!

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Posted by Gareth Infinity on 4 August, 2008 - 15:11
I just received this guy

I just received this guy today and I gotta say I love it. I was a little disappointed that my "Brand new" Goshogun had been previously opened and the antenna was broken but thats another story... This guy is heavy and he feels good in your hands without feeling too delicate. This guy feels like it was meant to play with. I dont feel like im gonna break it like when I hold some of my SOCs. Its my first CM's kit but if this is any indication of the quality of their stuff, I'm hooked. He displays well but I find I pick it up to enjoy its heft more than the time it spends being displayed. I bought it after reading this review and the review is dead on with its awesomeness. Highly recomended and its going for about $100 bux.

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Posted by chachipower on 28 March, 2009 - 17:54
Unfortunately not all of

Unfortunately not all of CM's stuff, even in the Brave Gokin line, is up to par with Goshogun...

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Posted by delta7890 on 28 March, 2009 - 19:11
If you liked CM's Goshogun.....

Hi Chachipower,
If you liked CM's Goshogun check out CM's Sankan-Oh or CM's Gyakuten-Oh. Both figures are awesome and full of die-cast goodness! The Sankan-Oh can be grabbed on Ebay at a steal for just under $100 bucks. Get either, you wont be disappointed.

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Posted by Shogundan on 28 March, 2009 - 21:03
Yeah I got my sights set on

Yeah I got my sights set on Sankan Oh right now and Groizer-X.. I love diecast robots. I grew up in Queens and my mom would always buy me robots from the chinese stores next to her work and they always sold diecast robots real cheap, I remember seeing huge Popy boxes on the walls and thinking that Golion was a fake version of Voltron haha cause thats what he was known as. My Grandma got me a "fake" yellow lion and now I know it was an original and it is still in great shape.

Fast forward 27 years later ( I am now 33) and I'm still buying them although they are not as cheap as they used to be. I got Daltanuis for about 40 bux and Daitarn for 15...those were the days. If I only knew they'd be worth something Id have taken much better care of them.. collecting robots is seriously an addiction

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Posted by chachipower on 29 March, 2009 - 18:52

Great News. HLJ is selling it around $60-ish.

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Posted by Battousai on 14 June, 2009 - 11:51