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Deluxe Dual Drive Megazord (Second Version)


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While it's nice to see a new

While it's nice to see a new face, I had a hard time following this review..

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Posted by delta7890 on 31 July, 2009 - 22:35
Don't worry- I'm working

Don't worry- I'm working with him behind-the-scenes to refine this craft. While having a passion for something is required, you need to be able to articulate it to someone else in a review, which may not be as intuitive as merely putting cash or a credit card down on the cashier's counter.

You should read some of my earlier reviews [from Hurricanger] and compare them with how I do it now. Though even today I am still insecure if what I am writing is good enough (we don't get numbers on the hits-per-review, QQ), my style and how I deliver that information has evolved significantly... or so I'm told.
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Posted by EVA_Unit_4A on 31 July, 2009 - 23:50
Having read several of your

Having read several of your reviews, I can safely say I've never been confused or lost by them. :D Writing toy reviews can be a tricky thing.

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Posted by delta7890 on 1 August, 2009 - 10:00
WTF is a "piece of

WTF is a "piece of contraption"?

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Posted by kidnicky on 1 August, 2009 - 09:57
I swore

To never buy any of the PR Operation overdrive by BoA. It's just... not good... they gave a great price in here, but still it can't convince me.

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Posted by Berserk on 2 August, 2009 - 23:55
Plastic hook

Hey! Did you know that red plastic hook can connect to the head of the drivemax megazord.

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Posted by dragonoid_660 on 14 August, 2009 - 09:17
The Red Piece

I think I've seen some vids on youtube mentioning about it. I just don't like it. When the BOJ versions combine, you don't have spare parts lying around aside from the Gou Gou Sword. However, if you were to do it with the 3 Megazord sets, you'll be having spare parts all around you. You'll have that strange Silver Grill piece that is supposed to be on the mid section to be out in the open and nothing to do with it. The worst part of this line is that, it's a required deal of 3 sets to make all possible formations. Atm, I can't make a decent Super Drive Max because I am not buying the Super Drive Max set first. It's like paying some bucks for another Dump and 2 chunks of light and useless plastic.

Though I am interested to see what comes out of the excess zords if I were to have all 3 sets and set them in Ultrazord mode.

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Posted by redracer2004 on 27 August, 2009 - 10:16

I was pretty upset at the time these things were released. Ended up getting just the Drive Max and the Dual Drive 2, skipped the first Dual Drive. I regret it, as I had that one in my hands once and decided to wait until clearance. Clearance never came, it was gone the next time I was there. I might track one down eventually, might be able to give the extra Dump Truck and crappy Zords to my nephew or something.

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Posted by djinniman37 on 28 August, 2009 - 09:02
i had all three

i own all three sets. i just buy it to complete the set. the japan version is so expensive for me, thats why i buy this crappy version. i actually tried to write a review for the 1st dual drive (renamed super drivemax for second release), but it does not turn out fine.

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Posted by lpoi on 27 December, 2010 - 20:33