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Deluxe Wild Force Megazord


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I really don't understand

I really don't understand how this can be considered a "great robot toy." Maybe if it had been released in the early '80s, but in 2002? Not a chance. It's an unposable brick of a toy, and Hasbro/Takara had just shown that combiners don't need to be that in RID/Car Robots. Hell, even the reuse of the old Combaticons molds were better than this lump.

By the way, I got this toy for free. I really can't suggest anyone spend actual money on it.

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Posted by Sledge on 4 April, 2009 - 18:05
I don't understand you either...

From your post, I can assume you liked Transformers better...

I don't think the toy is an unposable brick, and since you got the toy for "free," I'd assume that you missed some of it's features. Now, Transformer toys in the 80's were bricks indeed.

Take note that opnions differ from each person and I also consider this as a good toy compared to other Transformer toys.

Daishinken: Samurai Giri !!!

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Posted by makaikishi on 15 May, 2009 - 04:06
In several ways, the Wild

In several ways, the Wild Force Megazord (or rather the Gao King) was both a revolution and evolution for Power Rangers/Super Sentai-

  • detailed molded lines (ex: the Eagle's wings, the Tiger's stripes)
  • animals with real-life proportions & poseability (though perhaps not to scale with each other)
  • almost-complete lack of decals ("GaoRanger"/"PRWF" was the last series for a long time to regularly use decals)
  • contoured shape to both individual components and combined form rather than sharp angles like blocky armor seen in the past
  • introduces regularly-featured limb-swapping options with multiple different accessory sets
  • cross-compatibility with later released toy lines through the arm-swapping joints

-and Bandai really hasn't looked back since. Some say "GaoRanger"/"PRWF" was the death of the old-school design style of their respective franchises, and can be considered the beginning of a new era for them though this is not officially recognized.
I would agree that there was a significant shift around this time- coincidentally, for the new millennium- and that the designs of all mecha since 2000 are not as comparable to their predecessors as far as what they look like and their features.

While Transformers(TM) usually has more steps/detailed transformations, I find it hard to compare them to PR/Super Sentai because they are two completely different animals.
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Posted by EVA_Unit_4A on 15 May, 2009 - 10:40
Great Review

Great review. I just happened to find one of these on ebay and after reading the review I had to buy . It is definitely one the the best Sentai/PR Robot designs.

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Posted by SentaiSeiya on 3 September, 2011 - 21:25
Wild Force Zord with Metallic Finish

I know this is an old article, but I just recently got into collecting megazords and mechas. I found my old Power Ranger Wild Force Megazord set(I have two sets). Ok one set I got in 2001 during the Time Force run as a kid(I asked my parents to get me the Time Shadow Zord and the Time Force Megazord, but never got them hah). Instead of getting the Time Force Zords for Christmas, I got Wild Force.

I didn't know what Wild Force was so I always thought it was from another country(I knew it wasn't a fake zord as my parents got it from Toy's r us in winter 2001) until Wild Force aired that spring(lol). My first Wild Force Zord set I got has a completely different color detail from my second set. My first set each Zord has a more metallic color look on each Zord(Metallic Red, Metallic Blue, Metallic Yellow, basically all the colors have a Metallic finish to them instead of the regular color finish.

The metal on the Tiger and Cheetah Zord doesn't look like the one in the picture above, the color on the metal shoulders have a more metallic look. I could never find someone with the same kind of Zord set as mine. I wonder if I got a rare release Zord.

In 2002, I asked my parents to buy me the Predazord and Kongazord for Christmas, but they mistakenly bought me the same zord again. This is when I notice it had a completely different more metallic look too it. My friends zords all have the same look on them as my second one and the one pictured above. I tried googling it and everything I can't find no pictures that match its look.

I would post pics, but my Wild Force Megazords and other Zords I had got as a kid was mistakenly sent to storage. I been looking at your videos and reviews and this jogged my memory.

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Posted by Seph54 on 27 November, 2013 - 23:40
Are you referring perhaps to

Are you referring perhaps to the Deluxe Animus Megazord, which JoshB also reviewed?

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Posted by EVA_Unit_4A on 28 November, 2013 - 02:43