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Re- GX-13 Dancouga Today I

Re- GX-13 Dancouga

Today I had one of those rare days when you get a bit of extra money and you really want to burn it. And burn it I did, I just bought the GX-13 Dancouga. I had two options for the same dosh, Dancouga and the new Voltes V. I opted for the former, mainly because my local comics shop had it in stock and I got it for quite a bargain, around 150 dollars and I didn't have to pay shipping, handling and duties at the post office. Its frustrating how these things get so expensive when you really determine all the costs. My comics stuff dealer had this item hanging in his shop for quite a while, and after removing all the parts from the box I could see why. Most of it is plastic, it has very fragile parts, especially the head transforming gizmo thing and even if it goes to a whopping 15 inches and makes quite an impression on my toy shelf, it's my most disappointing piece. The transformations aren't well explained on the instruction booklet. Forming the entire robot is an altogether headache as well. I spent around two hours trying to figure out if my robot looked the same as the one in the picture on the box and somehow it still does not. I hate flimsy pieces, i never collected transformers because they feel too toy-like and plasticky. The head dosen't fit into place, and after giving up on it you feel like you've bought a broken toy. To be honest, it does look impressive when completed. It did fill a nasty gap on my toy shelf too. So in a way, its quite good value. But I still think I should have got Voltes V, who will have to wait till my next paycheck. I'm into classic robots, big go nagai fan, so dancouga isn't really my piece of cake. However I have him now, my money is gone, and I had my hour of happiness. Get him if you like 'em big, but if you really do, get the marmit daikogin grendizer, plenty expensive, but worth every dime, even if articulation is virtually non existant. A work of art. If you like chogokin don't miss out on the re-released GX-04S, the true chogokin holy grail, that is if ur unlucky enough to have missed it...

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Posted by maltagokhin on 8 August, 2007 - 15:57
Dancouga Re-issue

Found this on BBTS, hadn't heard of it before

Do you think that with a re-issue, some of the problems of this figure might be corrected? Sure, it's going to have the same low die-cast content. But what about the supposed fragility and flimsy clips? I don't own this figure so I can't really know just how bad it is, but still.

I may be sounding stupid, but I know that with re-issue G1 Transformers, durability and whatnot are greatly improved from the originals. Do you think the same thing applies with SoC's? Sure, if I ever have that kind of money to throw around, I'll go for something like Godmars. But this is still tempting.

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Posted by Gareth Infinity on 11 August, 2008 - 20:08

I really love this updated Dancouga figure! I think it's about time one of these 3rd party companies try their hand at making one. Unfortunately he's not as popular as Voltron/Golion because there a literally a million different figures available. Licensed & unlicensed. High quality & crap quality. Maybe one day though...

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Posted by Scarfang_The_Slayer on 14 January, 2023 - 14:02