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Armored Valkyrie


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Victor vs. Columbia

Great review Andrew,

I must have built dozens of these when I was a kid. These were released in the USA repackaged by Revell under the Robotech name, They usualy double packed with another model kit and usually available at a blow out price at Kay-Bee Toys.

It's a testament of how sturdy these particular Armored kits were as I still have both I built when I was younger: This VF-1A originally painted green like your then repainted blue for the Max version and also with a broken off laser, and the VF-1S. Last year I won another Boxed VF-1S kit at Macross con but I have yet to build it.

Owning around 500+ Japanese 45rpm and LP records dating from the 1950's to the 1980's I've been able to trace the history of Japanese Pop music during that era. Japanese Popular and Anime music has always had a connection really since the beginning with using big named artists for the music of Anime.

Mieko Hirota was thee biggest singer of Japanese Pop music during the 1960's. She sang the theme to Leo The Lion/ Kimba when the cartoon was released in the 1960's. Ai Takano, lead singer and heart of the GS group The Carnabeats sang the closing theme to Star-zans. There are literally dozens of more examples.

What I have seen was that Victor records changed the way anime music was marketed and how the music had a bigger involvement with the actual plot of the show. Before then Columbia Records was the dominate anime record label through the 1960's-1970's but it appears they only really concentrated on releasing OST music and theme songs and various image type records. Columbia records release were just secondary products to the anime. Victors innovation in the 1980's was the music in the anime became the central part of the show themselves. Whomever was running Victor at the time was really giving the Label a huge makeover as they succeeded through the 1980's making it the biggest label of the decade.

Awesome review!

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Posted by Showapop on 28 November, 2011 - 11:31
I had one of these models

I had one of these models kits when I was a kid. It was actually the first Macross or Robotech toy I owned. I had the VF-1D since that was the first one I remember from the show. I was so excited to build it, and was a bit disappointed to find it was entirely white and could barely move (I had been spoiled by mid-90s Gundam models so my standards were way to high for a model like this.). I didn't understand how to paint at the time, and the piece eventually managed to vanish into my bucket of Lego pieces somehow...

Wish I could build that one again. Properly this time.

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Posted by Dkun on 28 November, 2011 - 12:09