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Name No.sort icon Type Year
Mechliner Mechliner Transforming Toy 2012
NERV Official Business Coupe NERV Official Business Coupe Vehicle 2015
Master Back Draft MK. III Master Back Draft MK. III Transforming Toy 2018
Hyper Chainsaw Hyper Chainsaw Transforming Toy 2016
Enoden Umi no Mieru Tabi Set Enoden Umi no Mieru Tabi Set Playset 2002
Search and Rescue Liner Search and Rescue Liner Vehicle 2011
Tomihero Engine Swat Tomihero Engine SWAT Vehicle 2009
Hyper Rescue Helicopter Hyper Rescue Helicopter Vehicle 2011
Rescue and Repair Truck Rescue and Repair Truck Vehicle 2010
Gigant Police Braver KOBAN Armor DX Set Gigant Police Braver KOBAN Armor DX Set Transforming Toy 2023
Big Special Crane Vehicle Big Special Crane Vehicle 01 Transforming Toy, Vehicle 2012
Sonic Arrow Sonic Arrow 01 Transforming Toy 2015
Ranger Tanser Ranger Tanser 01 Vehicle 2013
Hyper Blue Police Carrier Runner 02 Vehicle 2012
Hyper Builder 02 Big Special Work Vehicle Big Special Work Vehicle 02 Transforming Toy, Vehicle 2012
Sonic Breaker Sonic Breaker 02 Transforming Toy 2015
Ranger Gyro Ranger Gyro 02 Vehicle 2013
Sonic Meteor Sonic Meteor 03 Transforming Toy 2015
Ranger Trailer Ranger Trailer 03 Vehicle 2013
Toyota Crown Athlete Toyota Crown Athlete 92 Vehicle 2020
Blue Gazelle Blue Gazelle HBP05 Vehicle 2007
Blue Buffalo Blue Buffalo HBP06 Vehicle 2007
Blue Crab Runner Blue Crab Runner HBP07 Vehicle 2007
Blue Tortoise Blue Tortoise HBP08 Vehicle 2007
HGS-03 Fire-Liner Fire Liner HGS-03 Vehicle 2008
Build Braver Build Braver JB10 Transforming Toy 2023
Police Braver NULL Nissan Fairlady Z Unmarked Patrol Car Null JB12 Transforming Toy 2023
Tomica Storm Runner Storm Runner T70680 Vehicle 2012
TIE Fighter TIE Fighter TSW-03 Vehicle 2016
Star Destroyer Star Destroyer TSW-04 Vehicle 2016
Landspeeder Landspeeder TSW-06 Vehicle 2015
AT-AT AT-AT TSW-10 Vehicle 2016


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