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Marvel Legends

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Name No.sort icon Type Year
Extremis Iron Man Extremis Iron Man Action Figure 2012
Hasbro Marvel Legends Horned Classic Iron Man Classic Horned Iron Man Action Figure 2013
Nova Nova Action Figure, Character Toy 2014
ToysRus Exclusive Infinite Cyclops ToysRus Exclusive Infinite Cyclops Action Figure, Character Toy 2014
Machine Man Machine Man Action Figure
Venom Venom Action Figure 2016
Taskmaster Taskmaster Action Figure 2016
Scourge Scourge Action Figure 2016
Namor Namor Action Figure 2016
Marvel Legends Deadpool Deadpool Action Figure 2016
Ghost Rider Ghost Rider Character Toy 2002
Loki Loki Action Figure 2021
Wolverine Wolverine Action Figure 2022
Jean Grey Jean Grey Action Figure 2022
Wolverine Wolverine 1 Action Figure 2016
Cable Cable 7 Action Figure 2016
The Punisher The Punisher None Action Figure
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