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EX Gokin

EX 合金

EX Gokin was a toyline that started out creating high-end diecast versions of classic super robots designed by the late "professor" Taku Sato. After his passing, the line continued with other properties.

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Name No.sort icon Type Year
Getter 1 Gokin 2006
Getter 2 Gokin 2006
Mazinger-Z 1969 Gokin 2007
Great Mazinger 1969 Gokin 2007
Boss Borot 1901 Boss Borot 1901 Character Toy, Gokin 2007
Getter 1 + Getmachine Eagle Repaint Ver. Getter 1 + Getmachine Eagle Repaint Ver. Gokin 2009
Getter 2 + Getmachine Jaguar (Repaint Ver.) Getter 2 + Getmachine Jaguar (Repaint Ver.) Gokin 2009
Getter 3 + Getmachine Bear Repaint Ver. Getter 3 + Getmachine Bear Repaint Ver. Gokin 2009
Tachikoma (Original Version) Tachikoma (Original Version) Anime Figure, Gokin 2007
Gigantic Double Tomahawk Gigantic Double Tomahawk Gokin 2010
Shin Getter 1 Shin Getter 1 Gokin 2011
Boss Borot (Silver Version) Boss Borot (Silver Version) Action Figure, Gokin 2007
Doublas (Silver Version) Doublas (Silver Version) Action Figure, Gokin 2006
Energer 1969 Energer 1969 Gokin 2011
EX Gokin Toriyama Dr. Slump Toriyama Robot Toy 2011
New Godphoenix New God Phoenix Gokin, Vehicle 2012
EX Gokin Arale-Chan EX Gokin Arale-Chan Character Toy, Robot Toy 2011
Black Getter Black Getter Ryoma Mode Repaint Ver. Gokin 2012
Gatchaman G-1 Repaint Ver. Gatchaman G-1 Repaint Ver. Gokin, Vehicle 2012
Gatchaman Godphoenix G-5 Repaint Ver. Godphoenix G-5 Repaint Ver. Gokin, Vehicle 2012
Black Getter 2 Black Getter 2 Gokin 2013
Getter Dragon Getter Dragon Gokin 2013
Getter Liger Getter Liger Gokin 2013
Getter Poseidon Getter Poseidon Gokin 2014
Robocon Robocon Character Toy, Gokin, Tokusatsu 2013
EX Gokin Robin-Chan EX Gokin Robin-Chan Figure, Gokin 2014
Grendizer Grendizer Gokin 2015
EX Gokin Spazer + TFO Spazer + TFO Gokin 2015
Grimlock Grimlock EX-TF02 Gokin 2015
Optimus Prime Optimus Prime EX-TF03 Gokin 2015
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