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Challenge of the GoBots also known as Mighty Machine Men is an American animated series produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions, based on the toy-line released from Tonka. Most of the toys were imported from the Japanese toy line Machine Robo.

The initial Gobots toys were re-releases from the Japanese Machine Robo series, sold on blister cards. Other toys from the Machine Robo DX were also released as ‘Super Gobots’. Tonka also created a number of original toys for the line, such as the Command Center, Thruster attack ship and the robot dinosaur, Zod. The initial Gobots were released in 1984.

The Gobots were divided into two factions, the Guardians and the Renegades. Unlike in the Transformers toy line, there was no clear divide between the two factions; the toys had no identifying insignias or markings to indicate their allegiance. Likewise, there was no commonality of design within each faction. The only “theme” to a side was that anything that turned into a “monstrous” looking robot or vehicle was a Renegade.

As the line continued, Tonka added new toys, including the Power Suits and the Secret Raiders. A spin off line, the Rock Lords was launched in 1986, but it was a failure. The Gobots line was discontinued in 1987, with the Dread Launchers being the last toys released in the line.

Gobots were sold in Australia under the name Mighty Machine Men. (Wikipedia)

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Name No.sort icon Type Year
Boulder / Battle Rock Boulder / Battle Rock Robot Toy 1985
Stone Wing Stone Wing Transforming Toy, Vehicle 1985
Puzzler GoBots Combiner Puzzler Action Figure, Transforming Toy, Vehicle 1985
Porsche 928 S Porsche 928 S Transforming Toy
Gobots Command Center Gobots Command Center Transforming Toy, Vehicle 1985
Gobots Convertible Laser Gun Gobots Convertible Laser Gun Transforming Toy 1985
Super Gobot Throttle Super Gobot Throttle Transforming Toy 1986
Gunnyr Gunnyr Transforming Toy 1985
Hornet Hornet Transforming Toy 1986
Brimstone Brimstone Transforming Toy 1986
Crackpot Crackpot Transforming Toy 1986
Granite Granite Transforming Toy 1986
Sticks 'n' Stones Sticks 'n' Stones Transforming Toy 1986
Sabrestone Sabrestone Transforming Toy 1986
Rock Roller Rock Roller Transforming Toy 1985
Night Fright Night Fright Transforming Toy 1986
Destroyer Destroyer Transforming Toy
Zeemon Zeemon 026 Transforming Toy 1984
Destroyer Destroyer 029 Transforming Toy 1983
Crasher Crasher 21 Transforming Toy 1984
Staks Transport Staks Transport BMR-03 Robot Toy, Transforming Toy 1985
Battle Robo (Tank) Battle Robo (Tank) MR-02 Transforming Toy 1982
Jet Robo (Fitor) Jet Robo (Fitor) MR-03 Transforming Toy 1982
Buggy Robo (Buggyman) Buggy Robo (Buggyman) MR-08 Transforming Toy 1983
Buggyman Buggyman (Orange) MR-08 Transforming Toy 1986
MR-10 Pumper Pumper MR-10 Transforming Toy 1983
Patrol Car Robo (Hans-Cuff) Patrol Car Robo (Hans-Cuff) MR-13 Transforming Toy 1983
Porsche Robo Porsche Robo MR-20 Transforming Toy 1982
Missile Tank Robo (Blaster) Missile Tank Robo (Blaster) MR-23 Transforming Toy 1983
Blaster (Green) Blaster (Green) MR-23 Transforming Toy 1985
Crane Brain Crain Brain MR-24 Transforming Toy 1983
Path Finder Path Finder MR-29 Transforming Toy 1983
Block Head / Mixer Robo Block Head / Mixer Robo MR-36 Transforming Toy 1984
Night Ranger Night Ranger MR-37 Transforming Toy 1984
Zero Zero MR-39 Transforming Toy 1984
Tailpipe (Black) Tailpipe (Black) MR-42 Transforming Toy 1986
Street Heat Street Heat MR-43 Transforming Toy 1984
Good Knight Good Knight MR-44 Transforming Toy 1985
Tux Tux MR-46 Transforming Toy 1985
Fairchild Robo (Bad Boy) Fairchild Robo (Bad Boy) MR-47 Transforming Toy 1984
Heat Seeker / Falcon Robo Heat Seeker / Falcon Robo MR-49 Transforming Toy 1985
Sky-Jack Sky-Jack MR-52 Transforming Toy 1985
Herr Fiend Herr Fiend MR-DX03 Robot Toy, Transforming Toy 1984
Defendor Defendor MR-DX06 Transforming Toy 1985
Gobots Creepy Creepy MRD-104 Transforming Toy 1986
Solitaire Solitaire MRR-07 Transforming Toy 1986
Flamestone Flamestone MRR-08 Transforming Toy 1986
Sunstone Sunstone MRR-09 Transforming Toy 1986
Scratch Scratch MRT-41 Transforming Toy 1986
Van Guard Van Guard MRT-42 Transforming Toy 1984
Sparky Sparky MRT-43 Transforming Toy 1984
Stinger Stinger MRT-44 Transforming Toy 1984

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