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I collect mainly robots and a few odd items here and there (monsters, die-cast sports cars, etc). I like basically anything vintage from Transformers to other 80's/90's giant mecha series and yes, even Beast Wars.

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My name is Josh. I absolutely LOVE toys. The only thing I love more than toys is bigger toys. I'm a fan of all sorts of things, including robots, giant robots, super robots, giant transforming super robots, androids, mechs, transforming mechs, men in spandex suits, men in rubber suits, men in rubber or spandex suits fighting other men in rubber or spandex suits, and My Little Pony.

I collect all sorts of wonderful trinkets, but I'm most fond of my Transformers and Kamen Rider toys. I love S.H. Figuarts (Please don't cheap out on us, Bandai), Figmas, and all sorts of action figure lines.


I love toys.

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"Gunpla and Cow Master!"
"The farming model maker! Tends to his cattle by day and by night he builds Gunpla!"

Self proclaimed fearless genius. Maker of bad jokes in the comments. Has a beard and a 7 Step plan to conquer the universe. Shoots first. And will someday have a theme song by Jam Project.

Don't let my short list of recent review fool you, I've been here a while. If it's a model kit or has the word "Gundam" after it, I probably built it. I've been a contributing member of the CollectionDX team since 2003. I got into Gunpla just before it was introduced to the US and have since built over 200 models (at this point).

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I'm VIR.
I collect just a little of about everything; toys are cool.

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I am Just starting out as a collector

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I collect Transformers, as well as random Japanese mecha. I collect these because Transformers Energon had such a huge impact on me as a small child. I also just love mecha anime.

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I like giant robots. I don't own many........but I plan to, lol.

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An avid fan of science fiction in general, anime in particular and giant robots more than anything, I dabble in collecting and Gundam model building when not at work or in college.

While I'm always open for a rousing exchange of ideas and respect that different fans love different things, I won't stand for any slander against GaoGaiGar. There, I said it. ^_^

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I never really considered myself a Toy Collector, until one day I had a toy collection, so I guess I am! My main collections revolve around my interest in anime. Naruto, Dragonball, Sailor Moon, Attack on Titan, and various others. I also have a collection building up around Tokusatsu shows such as Kamen Rider and Super Sentai. Despite not having seen as much Gundam as I would like, I do also built some Gundam models because they're the best model kits around!

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I collect what I like. Gundam? GI Joe? Transformers? Heck, even LEGO. If I like it, then I'll try to get it.

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Toy Reviewer and Photographer from Illinois. Big fan of robots in general, but love Super Robots. Check out my site at

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I just want to start off by saying this is a great site! I loved Voltron (Lionforce) as a child, I played with my voltron so extensively that even if it actually made it to today, the worst condition you would find listed on ebay would still not match it.

In any case, I decided about a year ago to purchase one on ebay, so I did, and then it escalated to searching for all variations of the Lionforce (aka GoLion, Lionbot, etc).

I have a decent collection now, but am still missing a few that I would like to get. Although I found ALOT OF INFORMATION here, I still wish there was a site dedicated to pictures and descriptions of every lion voltron made...

PLEASE contact me if anyone knows of any.

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Just a dorky metalhead. Got into collecting about 12 years ago but only within the last 3 years have I considered it a hobby. I have alot of loose figures ( even a knockoff plastic Combattra and a knockoff of Red Geist) but most of what I collect stays in the box for the time being. I would really like to own Maketoys Giant,SOC Godmarz, Mastermind Creation's Feral Rex set, and um Gobots puzzler among all that is out there. I loved robots since I was little. Really havent had much of a chance to get familiar with Macross, Yuusha Brave or anything like that.

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My name is Carlo, I'm definitely a fan of toys even since I was a kid. I do have a variety of toy that I do collected and put in a safe room. But all those toys, is now a collection for me, it's been too long for me since the last time that I do play with it. Seriously, I bought them with my own money but I do not play with it. The thing here is that I am also busy on all working as part-time also doing some research for my dissertation. It's really a tough time for me to balance my time in school, work and inside the house. Seems like whenever I have a free time. I do end sleeping the whole day just to regain my energy. Sometimes, it's a bit frustrating that I can't do things that I want the most juts because I do need to think of what is something more important for me. I guess I just have to stick on my goal to finish school first.

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I mostly collect Gundam and various other Japanese mecha toys. I got a lot of MSIA figures along with SOC toys. Robots are my primary concern.

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My name is Tim Lee and I'm a HUGE toy collector. I been collecting for a long time, but I started collecting seriously about 2002. I love Max Factory Figma,Medicom Rah,Play Arts Kai and a little bit of random toys here and there. I also do toy reviews on YouTube under the profile (, You may or may not know me from there. I'm a concept and tattoo artist as well, that loves anime.