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Hyper Hobby Plus Exclusive Godzilla from Marmit

I hope this isn't old news but I just caught it and didn't seen it posted elsewhere. Marmit is offering two new Godzilla vinyls, available from Hyper Hobby Plus Magazine. Each toy is the same sculpt but comes in black and green paint sprays.

These toys are large (50cm) and come with a large price tag.... ¥30,000. That seems pretty expensive to me, but I'm not sure what quantity these are limited to, either.

You can order both either through the magazine or from this website. More pictures are also viewable at that link. Order both at once to save ¥1,000. Deadline for ordering is January 31 and the toys are expected to ship in April.

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Posted 21 January, 2009 - 00:06 by NekroDave