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Super Festival Exclusive toys

Super Festival will take place on Sunday, January 11 in Tokyo and of course there'll be plenty of exclusive toys on hand. So let's take a look at some of this year's offerings.

First up, from Marmit is this colorful standard sized kaiju from their Monster Heavens line. It's name appears to be "Daidarahorshi" (Horsey?). It stands 22cm tall and will be sold for ¥5,250.

Next up, a big size Ultraman from Fewture Models. 43cm tall and retailing for ¥12,000. I think this is one of those ones redesigned by esteemed manga artist Kazuo Umezo. Unfortunately, the Fewture site won't let me right click and find out (or steal the pic!), so you'll have to link to their page to check it out.

Ok, what next? How about Yamanaya? They'll have some nice offerings on hand.

Pigmon Semi-clear, 21cm tall, ¥5,775, limited to 50
Garamon Semi-clear, 21cm tall, ¥5.775, limited to 50
Kameragon Glow, 22.5cm tall, ¥6,300, painted by M1, limited to 50
Big Eye Glow, 23cm tall, ¥6,300, painted by M1, limited to 50

Gigabrain has two hero character sofubi toys to offer. Both are limited to 70 pieces and retail for ¥5,250.

God Man
Green Man

US Toys is doing their best to appeal to all your vinyl fetishes with a set of 3 Kagegons... clear, glow and gold! Limited to 50, ¥5,775.

Kanegon set

Of course, this is just sampling of some of the things that will be on hand. I'm sure there'll be quite a bit more, but this was all I could find for now. For more info, check out the Super Festival webpage.

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Posted 1 January, 2009 - 17:28 by NekroDave