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Tamashii Nations 2012: Saint Cloth Myth

Bad news first... There was no Athena God Cloth revealed at the Tamashii Nations event this year. Good news... Bandai was showing off a lot more stuff than any fan of the Saint Cloth Myth line would have thought that Bandai had up their manufacturing sleeve.

There were displays galore of the upcoming effects parts for the line! Some of the displays even featured completed face sculpts for the upcoming Saint Cloth Myth EX Gold Saints, which had not seen the light of day until this event.

Gemini Saga's Galxian Explosion

Andromeda Shun's Nebula Storm

Aquarius Camus' Aurora Execution

Pisces Aphrodite's Piranha Rose... I guess... I don't remember it looking anything like that in the series though.

Sagittarius Aiolos' gonna shot you with my arrow technique!

Taurus Aldebaran's Great Horn... not much of an effect here.


Capricorn Shura's Excalibur!

Virgo Shaka's Tenma Koofuku

Libra Dohko's Hyuakuryu ha... Oh wait that implies one hundred dragons... guess this means Bandai could only afford one dragon.

Cygnus Hyoga's Diamond Dust!

Leo Aioria's Lighting Plasma

Scorpio Milo's Scarlette Needle

And finally, Cancer Deathmask's Seikishi Meikai Ha

Also present was the previously revealed Aquarius Hyoga/ Camus Saint Cloth Myth Crown along with the Libra Shiryu/ Doko in the same line! [G2:652040]

Remember how the Bronze Saints' Cloths gained the power to go gold thanks to the blood of the Gold Saints? Looks like Bandai may be heading in that direction with the reveal of the Pegasus Seiya Reborn Cloth Gold version.

Your Surplice Gemini, Capricorn and Aquarius looking a little dinky against the Athena Exclamation of the EX Gold Saints? BAM! Gemini Saga Surplice EX! Which more than likely means that we are going to get the other two fallen Gold Saints in their Surplice form.

Also from the land of the Underworld: Papillon Myu appears in the Saint Cloth Myth line.
But wait there is more!
Reaching further into the Saint Seiya Myth(os), Bandai has revealed two of the villains from the Saint Seiya movies: the Goddess Aris and the God Abel.

Finally, the least-remembered of the female Saints: Chameleon June also showed up at the show. (Not pictured).

With all of this stuff coming from Bandai, my wallet is is going to be hurting well into 2013! Prices and release dates for the effect parts and the unreleased figures are TBA. Expect some, if not a majority, of it to be Tamashii Web exclusives.

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Posted 26 October, 2012 - 21:03 by SentaiSeiya