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Spin Master

Spin Master

Spin Master Ltd. is a children's entertainment company based in Toronto, Canada.

The origins of the company began in 1994 when the three company founders came out with a product called The Earth Buddy. It was originally incorporated at that time as Seiger Marketing, Inc. In 1995 the company adopted the name of Spin Master Toys. In 1996 the company released the Air Hogs line of air-pressured flying toys based on the design of two British inventors.

Over the next decade Spin Master diversified its offering beyond traditional toys. The company dropped "Toys" from its name and adopted its current name in 2004 to reflect the diversity of its products.

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Name No.sort icon Type Year
Tenkai Titan Bravenwolf Tenkai Titan Bravenwolf 13001 Building Toy 2014
2-in-1 Blastank /Sky Stallion 2-in-1 Blastank /Sky Stallion 11002 Building Toy 2014
2-in-1 Volt Jet / Sky Griffin 2-in-1 Volt Jet / Sky Griffin 11001 Building Toy 2013
Dragonoid Dragonoid Transforming Toy 2008
7 in 1 Maxus Dragonoid 7 in 1 Maxus Dragonoid Game, Transforming Toy 2009
Light Cycle: Kevin Flynn Light Cycle: Kevin Flynn Vehicle 2010
Deluxe Light Cycle: Sam Flynn Deluxe Light Cycle: Sam Flynn Action Figure, Vehicle 2010
RInzler Rinzler Action Figure
CLU CLU Action Figure 2010
Deluxe Light Cycle: Clu Deluxe Light Cycle: Clu Vehicle 2010
Deluxe Light Runner Deluxe Light Runner Vehicle 2010
One Man Light Jet One Man Light Jet Vehicle 2011
Three-Man Light Jet Three-Man Light Jet Vehicle 2011
Jinx Jinx Action Figure 2021
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