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Green Lion

Green Lion

Heyyyy it's the Green Lion, a lot like the Red lion, just on the other side.

DX Bike Robo

DX Bike Robo

Totally not Cy-Kill.

Mazinger Z: Infinity review



It's a fantastic update that pays tribute to the classic design while using modern engineering.

Yellow Lion

Yellow Lion

Hunk's ride.

The Unrustable Bastards Iride and Burley

The Unrustable Bastards

These Bastards don't rust. But they do wear a lot of orange.


It's ok if he doesn't come with a gun

Voltron 84 Red Lion

Red Lion

The Red Lion from Playmates Toys Voltron 84 is a fun upgrade.


Look out world, here comes Tracer!


Anarchy in the UK

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