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Super Machinder

This term refers to toys that fall into the category of "machinders", but that are bigger than traditional "junior machinders", yet smaller than traditional "jumbo machinders". Few of these toys exist and they are typically 18" tall. The name derives from the "Skyzel" and "Granzel" toys from Popy. Toys that are this size, yet actually say "Jumbo Machinder" on the packaging shall still fall into the "jumbo machinder" category.

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Name No.sort icon Type Year
UFO Robo Grendizer Machinder, Super Machinder 2004
Great Mazinger Machinder, Super Machinder 2004
Mazinger Z Mazinger Z Machinder, Super Machinder 2004
18 Inch Super Robot Carnival Machinder, Machinder, Super Machinder
Jumbo Astro Megazord Jumbo Astro Megazord Machinder, Super Machinder, Super Sentai / Power Rangers 1997
Mega Robot Mega Robot Machinder, Super Machinder, Super Sentai / Power Rangers 1997
Skyzel Machinder, Super Machinder 1977
Granzel Machinder, Super Machinder 1977
Big Dai X Machinder, Super Machinder
Gran Fighter Machinder, Super Machinder
VF-27β Grace O'Connor/Normal Type VF-27β Grace O'Connor/Normal Type GE-49B Super Machinder, Transforming Toy 2010
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