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CollectionDX defines a "machinder" as a character toy made primarily out of polyethylene (shampoo bottle material), although vinyl may also have been used in some instances. The term derives from the official Popy "Jumbo Machinder" toy line, but has become standard vocabulary for all toys from all makers that share a similar style. Although the initial toy line was a standard 60cm tall, smaller toys have also come to be accepted as part of this family and are often called "junior machinders", "super machinders" or "carnival machinders", depending on their size and/or origin.

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No.sort icon Toy name Year
UFO Robo Grendizer 2004
Great Mazinger 2004
Mazinger Z 2004
Mekanda Robo 1977
Delta Max Megazord 2005
Jumbo Dino Stegazord 2004
Dairugger XV
Thunderstorm Megazord 2003
Wild Force Megazord 2001
Gundam Easter Basket bootleg 2006
Tetsujin 28 1981
Tryder G7 1980
God Marz 1981
Sun Vulcan 1981
Ultraman Leo 1974
Battle Fever 1979
Daltanious 1979
Robot Nacoral Lanza Discos
Super Robot
Super Dragun
Getter Go 1991
Green Ghost C3 1973
Super Robot
Rokuron Q9 1973
Mini Robot
Kingdan X10 1973
Cosmos 2000
Jumbo Ranger 2005
Giant Gorg 1984
Giant Gorg
Mazinga 1979
Super Robot
Mazinger Z
Daimos 1978
Hasami Jaguar 1973
Kame Bazooka 1973
Godzilla 1977
Rodan 1979
Battinger 1971
Viking Robot 1979
Goodrock 1979
Great Mazinger
Great Mazinger
Jumbo Storm Megazord 2003
Danguard Ace 1977
Dangard Ace
Mega Red Power Ranger 2006
Danguard Ace
Getter 1 1974
Geta 1
Getter Poseidon 1975
Goro Goro
Super Robot Car
Getter Dragon 1975
Getter 2 1974
Getter 3 1974
Getter Liger 1975
Combattler V 1976
Space Robot 2007
Tekkaman 1977
Capsule Robo G 1973
Gaiking 1978
Daimos 1978
Voltron 1984
Dangard Ace
Pegas 1977
Great Mazinger
Aura Battler Dunbine 1983
Spartan K5 1973
Jumbo Red Legend Power Ranger 2006
Jumbo Thundersaurus Megazord 2004
Jumbo Isis Megazord 2002
King of the King
Great Mazinga 1977
Raydeen 1977
Ryu Sei Oh 1993
Raideen 1975
Robot Nacoral Lanza Cohetes
Space Valour
Daitetsujin 17
Jumbo Astro Megazord 1997
Unnamed Robot
Mazinger Z
Robo Kress
Space Hero
Combattler V
Five Robo 1990
Mazinger Z
Boss Borot
Robot di Pace 1979
Gundam 1984
Dangard Ace
Kimpo Warrior
Mazinger Z
King of the Jungle
Space Soldier
Super Hero
Space Hero
Robot From Outer Space
Rocky Robot
Mazinger Z: Paladin de le Justicia Lanza Puno
Getter Dragon
Mantide Nera
Modulo Spaziale
Dragun 1976
Combattler V
Space Robot
Grendizer 1975
Goldorak 1978
King Man 1994
Jumbo Spazer 1975
Neo Machinder Mazinger Z 2010
Mega Robot 1997
Super Phantom X Robot
UFO: Il Guerriero Dello Spazio
Super Worrior
Daitarn 3
Space Hero
Rocky Robot
Kimpo Warrior
Robot From Outer Space
Zork: Il Guerriero Dello Spazio
Dairugger XV 2011
Go Lion 2011
Rocky Robot
Scramble Dash 2014
Godzilla 2007
Voltron 2015
Heroes of Cybertron 2004
Kondor Bleu
Garada K7 1973
Taihou Buffalo 1973
Great Mazinger 1974
Mach Baron 1973
Gaiking 1976
Voltes V 1977
Daitetsujin 17 1977
Leopardon 1978
Golion 1981
Daiku Maryu 1976
Dol 1982
Gordian 1979
Daidenjin 1980
Godsigma 1980
Lenz Ari 1973
Skyzel 1977
Granzel 1977
Big Dai X
Gran Fighter
Dabulas M2 1973
0001 Gelbros J3 2016
001 Mazinger Z 2016
002 Jet Scrander 2017
1 Mazinger Z 2000
1 Stormtrooper 2010
2 Great Mazinger 2000
2 Kamen Rider V3 1973
3 Garada K7 2000
3 Ultraman Taro 1973
4 Gaiking 2000
4 Red Baron 1973
5 Kamen Rider X 1974
U5-Z Jet Scrander 2000
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