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NYCC2014 and other CDX updates

I wanted to give you a quick update about goings on with myself and CollectionDX.

First off, I'll be at New York Comic Con one day only - Friday October 10th, to participate in Viz's Voltron 30th anniversary panel. It will be held in room 1A21 at 2PM. This panel will be recorded and will broadcast the next day on

After the panel, I have an interview with Twitch which should also be broadcast live at the above URL.

At 4PM, at the VIZ booth (#1944) I will be signing copies of Voltron: From Days Long Ago along with the other contributors in attendance. The book ships October 26th, but I believe there are copies to purchase at the booth.

In other news

A friend alerted me to a cool little thing. Apparently there's a service called WGSN that people in fashion use to predict trends and forecast looks for future use. One of the trends they predicted was Robots, and one of our images was used as inspiration. 

Finally, you may have noticed that CDX has been a little slow lately. The reason for this is because we are moving the site to a new server, and we've been transferring gigabytes of data behind the scenes. For you, the user, you may see the occasional downtime, but by the end of the month the move will be complete.



PS: I haven't forgotten about Super Robots Giant Monsters. Expect an announcement soon!

Posted 9 October, 2014 - 13:52 by JoshB