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Bulletins from the corporate world. Filled with marketing speak and pullquotes, they are a necessary evil in the world of toy collecting. We get a LOT of press releases here at CollectionDX, but we only post those that we think you will be interested in.

Title Publish datesort icon
Sandman, Justice League, Nightwing and More from DC Direct 02.07.24
Super7 x Touma x Play Imaginative Orange Zugan 02.07.24
Renji Murata PSE Products #06 [Ribbon Style] 02.07.24
Shining Tears Elwin – 8" PVC Figure 02.07.24
Kotobukiya To Produce High-End Collectibles Based On The Halo Universe 02.07.24
Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo 10" Soft Vinyl Figure 02.07.24
Power Rangers "Uncover The Action" 02.07.24
Bandai America Adds Collectible Card Game License for Hot Boy's Property Ben 10 02.07.24
Prometeo Toys Unveil Exclusive Mazinkaiser SKL Collector's Edition on Kickstarter 02.07.24
S7 x Cronic: Dorogami 02.06.24
Ben 10 Creates an Alien Invasion at Retail With Popular Action Figures and Role-Play Toys 02.06.24
Perfect Piece Tachikoma from Vice and Organic Hobby 02.06.24
Motoko Kusanagi (GITS: S.A.C. 2nd GIG) – 8 ½" (1/7 Scale) PVC Figure 02.06.24
CREATORS’ LABO #003: HAIBANE RENMEI – Rakka #1 PVC Statue 02.06.24
Sequel to Angel Chromosome-XX Series 1: A-15 Arael-XX 02.06.24
WITCHBLADE Masane Amaha – 8” PVC Figure 02.06.24
Capcom Fighting Jam "Ingrid"– 7 ½" PVC Figure 02.06.24
TANDEM TWIN Animal Girls: Leopard Girl – Schell PVC Statue 02.06.24
Mattel to Produce Hot Wheels Die-Cast Batmobiles Inspired by the Classic Television Series 02.06.24
Fyee-Tan 8" PVC Figure 02.06.24
Kunugi Ayano (Swimsuit Version) – 8 ½” (1/6 Scale) PVC Figure 02.06.24
Organic Hobby releases the next figure as a part of Kaiyodo's Revoltech Series, "Giant Robo", No US release for Revoltech Prime 02.06.24
Booska! Cute Japanese Character Booska to be new toy from Max Toy Company. 02.06.24
Organic Hobby, Inc releases the next two Revoltech figures - Revoltech GR-2 & Revoltech Griffon 02.06.24
Round-Vernian FAM-RV-L7 Dillfam & Mecha Action Series Goldran 02.06.24
Bandai America Unwraps the Hottest Superheroes, Virtual Pets & Transforming Aliens This Holiday Season 02.06.24
Bandai America’s Dynamic Tamagotchi Connection is Crowned by Numerous Awards Panels and Fans 02.06.24
Bandai America Celebrates Power Rangers’ 15th Season with Versatile Lineup Based on New Treasure Hunting Themed Series 02.06.24
Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Spring Line List 2007 02.06.24
Ojamajo Doremi – Onpu-Chan 5 ½” PVC Figure 02.06.24
Fans "Get Powerized" With the Power Rangers on Exclusive Eight City Tour 02.06.24
Organic Hobby, Inc releases the next figure as a part of Kaiyodo’s “Revoltech Series, “Revoltech Yongouki (Eva04)” 02.06.24
Brave Gokin Gaofaigar 02.06.24
Round-Vernian FAM-RV-SIT “Torunfam” 5 ½” PVC Figure 02.06.24
UJ-14 1/8 Scale PVC Statue 02.06.24
Bandai America Helps Kids Relive Their Favorite Heroes' Adventures With New Power Rangers Mystic Force Toys 02.06.24
Bandai America Unveils Collectible Power Rangers Figures To Celebrate the Brand’s Evergreen Success 02.06.24
Organic Hobby brings new Revoltech and more to the USA 02.06.24
Diamond, Hasbro Offer New Previews Exclusive Star Wars Action Figure Pack 02.06.24
Join the Gold Rush for the New Limited Edition Golden Tamagotchi "Virtual Pet" 02.06.24
Revoltech Soltic H8 (Korchima Special) 02.06.24
Organic Hobby, Inc releases Revoltech Mazinkaiser & Revoltech Shin Getter 3 02.06.24
Mai-Otome/Hime Collection Figures from Organic / CM's Corp 02.06.24
Kashimashi Collection Figure (Part 2) 02.06.24
Kidrobot LA opens on Melrose this Thursday! 02.06.24
FRIENDSWITHYOU Winter Wonderland Tour 02.06.24
Round-Vernian FAM-RV-S5T “Neofam” 5 ½” PVC Figure 02.06.24
Brave Gokin GaiGo 02.06.24
Ren Nanase – 10" PVC Figure 02.06.24
First Shots of THE MOOFIA by tokidoki 02.06.24
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