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Bulletins from the corporate world. Filled with marketing speak and pullquotes, they are a necessary evil in the world of toy collecting. We get a LOT of press releases here at CollectionDX, but we only post those that we think you will be interested in.

Title Publish datesort icon
Sunrise Mecha Action Series Might Gaine 02.14.24
Masane Amaha from Organic Hobby, Inc in conjunction with GDH/TOPCOW 02.14.24
Hellsing Collection Figure :: Search & Destroy (Vol.2) :: Reverse Cross (Arucard) & Bayonet (Anderson) – 5 ½” PVC Figures 02.14.24
Super7's Glowing Anger Squirm! 02.14.24
GoLion DVD Pre-order 02.14.24
Shocker Toys sends SCUD the disposable assassin to New York City! 02.14.24
Special Week of Ben 10 Exclusives! 02.14.24
Just when you thought the amazing 25th Anniversary G.I. JOE action figure collection had ended... 02.14.24
TANDEM TWIN Animal Girls: Dog Bonnie 02.14.24
Shocker Toys sends SCUD the disposable assassin to New York City! 02.14.24
Kotobukiya Launches The First Marvel Statue in November 2008! 02.14.24
Prism Ark “Priecia” – 8 ½” PVC Figure 02.14.24
Bandai America Unleashes Action-Packed Dragon Ball Collectible Card Game 02.14.24
Revoltech Gurren Lagann 02.14.24
All-New Speed Racer Gets Trade Paperback Treatment 02.14.24
Final Fantasy XII Artifacts Judge Master Gabranth Helmet Replica 02.13.24
Nadesico Black Salena Fine Scale Model Kit 02.13.24
DOAX 2: Dead Or Alive Xtreme 2 - Hitomi ArtFX Statue 02.13.24
Super7's Valentine's Day Visighost!!! 02.13.24
POP Wonderland – Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland 02.13.24
Evangelion:1.0 You Are (Not) Alone Kaworu Nagisa PVC Statue 02.13.24
Patlabor: The Movie 2 Hellhound Fine Scale Model Kit 02.13.24
Super7's Midnight Marauder Squirm!! 02.13.24
Toy Stories: Souvenirs from Korean Childhood 02.13.24
Organic Hobby, Inc releases “Revoltech AV-98 Ingram 01 (Movie Version” & “Revoltech Tetsujin No.28” 02.12.24
Super7's Holiday Spirit Visighost!! 02.12.24
Organic Hobby brings TOP Collection 5 & 6 - Great Mazinger and Grendizer 02.12.24
Brave Gokin 12 - Gaogaigo 02.12.24
Hellsing Collection Figures from Organic Hobby 02.12.24
Commando Vorct ATM-09-ST Scopedog [Rane Custom Version & Bockmesser Custom Version] 02.12.24
Revoltech Type-J9 Griffon (Aqua -Unit) & Revoltech Black Ox 02.12.24
Rocket Girls “Yukari Morita” – 7” PVC Figure 02.12.24
FRAÜLEIN REVOLTECH Soryu Asuka Langley 02.12.24
Final Fantasy Cloud Strife & Hardy Daytona Motorcycle Deluxe Box Set 02.12.24
Kotobukiya Announces Plans For Attending LUCCA Comics & Games 2007 02.09.24
Dragon Ball Z Fans Celebrate the Return of Bandai America to the Hit Anime Series from FUNimation Entertainment 02.09.24
Tezuka Moderno Labo Series 02.09.24
Kotobukiya Annouces Plans For Star Wars Reunion Paris 02.09.24
Star Wars Commander Praji 12" from Sideshow 02.09.24
Upper Deck Releases Limited-Edition Iron Man Collectible Figure 02.09.24
Organic Hobby, Inc releases the first figure as a part of Kaiyodo’s new Revoltech Series “FRAÜLEIN REVOLTECH,” “Rei Ayanami” 02.09.24
Tezuka Moderno Labo – “Atom” & “Leo” (Santa Version) – 3” PVC Figures 02.09.24
Super7 x Rumble Monsters PUMPKIN BOMBER DOUBLE SCUD!!! 02.09.24
Scopedog [Blue Knight & Normal Version] – 5~6” PVC Figures 02.09.24
Organic Hobby brings T.O.P. Collection Mazinkaiser and Shin Getter 1 stateside 02.09.24
123 Klan x Rolito NEDZED Rabbit Figure Set - Previews Exclusive Blue Edition 02.09.24
STRANGEco welcomes MAX TOY COMPANY to the family 02.09.24
Space Adventure Cobra Collection Figure (30th Repaint Model) 02.09.24
Patlabor ASUKA-MPL96 & ASUKA-SSL96 Taisyo – 6” PVC Figures 02.08.24
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