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NYTF 2014: Playmates

Playmates had a huge amount of floor space at the Javits Center. While other companies split their floor space into different lines, Playmates was a bit different. All of the Playmates are was dedicated to one franchise: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

So let’s delve into the Turtles experience that lay inside of the Playmates booth!

Inside there was a very cool city diorama with a huge assortment of the figure from the new Nickelodeon cartoon.
I am not up to date with the Nickelodeon cartoon, so I can’t name all of the characters. But with the large amount that was displayed, I imagine that Playmates pretty much showcased every character in the show so far.


Ninja Action Deluxe figures. These are wind-up toys that perform ninja moves.


Throw N’ Battle Deluxe figures. When tossed, these toys land on their feet and ready their Ninja weapons for battle.

Power Sound FX and Flinger Turtles and Shredder.


Get ready for the turtles from the 90’s movie to grace the Classic Collection line! If anybody from Playmates is reading this, Josh wants you to make a Vanilla Ice to go with these.


Rocksteady from the Classics Collection line.

11-inch interactive Ninja Turtles. The four turtle siblings can speak and interact with each other. Each turtle will recognize when their brothers are around and makes sounds according to which of his turtle brethren he is accompanied by.


Turtles Dojo figures with training gear.
Stretch and Shout figures. These toys feature flexible arms that can be stretched out. As you stretch their arms, the turtle will make noise that increases in pitch the more you stretch out the arms.

Turtles plushies. Aww!

In vehicles, we have:

The Turtle Van, Donatello’s Patrol buggy, and a few others.


Oh yea, there was also this zeppelin thing. No that’s not right. It’s a blimp. A Turtle Blimp, if you will. It is inflatable, just the like toy from the original cartoon’s line.
Also on display were the Z-Line Ninja Playsets. These zip-line playsets can be attached around the home to using 3M Command Strips (included in the set). The kids can then create elaborate zip-lining course for the turtles to experience. Each zip-line post serves as a chain-reaction piece. As one turtle reaches the post, it will cause the Turtle that was waiting at the post to be propelled through the next zip-line.
Finally, we have the half-shell heroes, which are aimed at younger kids.

There was also a super-secret room in the back, where we got to check out the action figures and roleplay toys from the upcoming Michael Bay Ninja Turtles movie. No pictures or video were allowed, so you will have to just imagine what the Michael Bay turtles will look like as action figures.

Posted 25 February, 2014 - 14:31 by SentaiSeiya