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NYTF09: Bandai America - Kamen Rider Dragon Knight


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Man I can't wait for these

Man I can't wait for these guys to hit the shelves!

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Posted by Decade010 on 21 February, 2009 - 14:31

Yeah.....that Rider Advent Belt sure looks neat. I wouldn't mind giving it a try.


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Posted by Rodimus78 on 21 February, 2009 - 14:45
I must admit, the Advent

I must admit, the Advent Belt looks nice. It's a lot different from its Japanese counterpart, the V-Buckle :)

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Posted by RykerZX on 22 February, 2009 - 22:45
Wing Knight's bike looks

Wing Knight's bike looks like the Batcycle :)

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Posted by RykerZX on 22 February, 2009 - 22:54
can't wait to get the Advent

can't wait to get the Advent Cards Dragvisor belt and more.

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Posted by mmartina on 22 February, 2009 - 23:19
I was hoping for another stab at Kamen

I like the Kamen Rider Black toys Bandai released in the 90's, and I'm jazzed that the motorcycle toys feature LED. The show ain't bad, but it's in a crummy time slot. All in all a great time to be a US fan.

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Posted by Materialist Zen on 23 February, 2009 - 11:02
Yeah, I don't think the

Yeah, I don't think the show is half bad considering the audience it's shooting for and the laws it has to follow over here. I think Kit Taylor (KR Dragon Knight) could grunt a little more emphatically when he's hit (it sounds too weak, under-acted), and the title song is rather bland without even a full first phrase even if the theme sounds cool!
There's some real dedication to Kamen Rider going here, and I think that transition was smooth. While I might find "Kamen Rider Ryuki" more in-depth and engaging (I give the Japanese source materials the benefit of the doubt even though I haven't seen earlier than "...Blade"), I'd say that "Kamen Rider Dragon Knight" is doing well.

But I also agree that an earlier time-slot would help tremendously. (They used to treat PR the same way when it first came out-late morning, bounced around the schedule.)
CollectionDX Staff

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Posted by EVA_Unit_4A on 23 February, 2009 - 13:18
insert advent deck

So it spins what else? how can the kids get the cards? there gonna hold it still then get the card?.

How can the kids insert the advent deck??? man i hate when those happens to good[/ bad ]American toys!

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Posted by dragonoid_660 on 6 June, 2009 - 23:41
I got a pre-release

I got a pre-release sampler from Bandai America, so I have a small insight into the cards...

Every toy in the KRDK line (vehicles, figures, weapons) will come with a single Advent Deck card. I don't know how it was done with "Kamen Rider Ryuki", but each US-ver. Card has unique holes punched into the top of them. Then- I'm assuming- when you run the card through a one of the summoning devices (called?), and it will produce a sound specifically for that Card.
Now, for example, will Wing Knight's Final Vent card sound different from Dragon Knight's Final Vent card? I don't know; it will depend on how the Advent Cards have the holes punched-in.

I have requested a sampler of Kamen Rider Torque's blaster/Card reader so that I can demonstrate this on CDX, but when that will happen I have no idea.

. . .

Oh, that reminds me- "Kamen Rider Dragon Knight" is being moved to a new timeslot for me this next weekend 10:30/11:30am Central. WEither that means the ratings suck or it's kicking ass. (How can I view official TV ratings for the show!?)
CollectionDX Staff

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Posted by EVA_Unit_4A on 7 June, 2009 - 01:35