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Josh, i have to ask how hard

Josh, i have to ask how hard is it transporting all your collection from one place to another without damaging anything?! I'm close to moving too but scratching my head over how i'm gonna pack and transport all that stuff safely!

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Posted by truewanderer on 20 January, 2008 - 16:39
Ah- that's why I hold on to

Ah- that's why I hold on to the original packaging wherever possible. In addition to adding to the price if I keep it all together if I want to sell one of them, it serves very well for shipping it all over without having to worry about bubble wrap, newspaper, or plastic bags.

The disadvantage is the enormous amount of room it takes up in the mean time... Half of my small walk-in closet is packed full; and that's even after I've collapsed down some boxes, or put smaller ones into larger ones!
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Posted by EVA_Unit_4A on 20 January, 2008 - 18:10
So far, during this move, I

So far, during this move, I have broken the following:

- Revoltech Shin Getter 1 (chest joint broke)
- Revoltech Shin Getter 3 (hip revoltech joint broke)
- Flash Gordon Ming figure (head broke off from shelf dive)
- 1/60 Orguss Orgroid (Arm broke off taking out of package)
- Tron Be@rbrick (Leg broke from shelf dive)
- 1/40 Dunbine (arm broke off at elbow while posing for review)

I'm sure there are more to come. I am just too rough with my toys, and I tend to gravitate to toys that can put up with the abuse. My recommendation would be use copious amounts of bubble wrap and be careful about temperature changes. My stuff was in storage and was below freezing at times, so that can make plastic brittle.

CollectionDX Admin

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Posted by JoshB on 20 January, 2008 - 20:29
some more moving advice

here is some tips i've picked up over the last 2 moves with my collection. maybe it can help other CDX-ers when they move or store in a storage space.

Obviously saving the box is not always an option for some collectors, so i highly advise that you MAKE YOUR OWN TEMPORARY BOXES for bigger items like godakins and bigger robots. Wine boxes from liquor stores make good boxes when combined with bubble wrap; the cardboard dividers inside also keep your more fragile accessories like swords from bashing into the diecast parts.

since its winter and Josh has already had casulties, remember that the COLD MAKES PLASTIC STIFF AND FRAGILE. so let your robots get back to room temperature before you unpack. this may take hours so patience is key. good advice for january ebay or mail-order purchases too!

THICK BLACK GARBAGE BAGS can help keep your MIB toys stay Mint, and is cheap too. simply place the box into a bag, tape it so it doesnt slip out, and your SOC box corners are safe from becoming dog-earred and nasty.

TRANSPORT YOUR TOYS YOURSELF, don't give them to the moving guys to break. Put them in your car, and don't pack them too tight together (unless you absolutely have to)

Put your ACCESSORIES to your Godaikins into plastic bags, sometimes the missiles and smaller pieces fall out the flaps of the box when transported.

the cold / heat can make the PAINT on figures like Revoltech mold together and stick not just to each other, but to plastic bags too, so wrap them in wax paper for the cold, and aluminum foil for the heat. this goes for transformers, star wars, etc. too.

if you dont have boxes for your revoltech figures, then TAKE THEM COMPLETELY APART. they come apart easily and reassemble easily, the joints are much stronger when disassembled and less likely to break. This goes for combiners too, disassembling them is so much safer than trying to transport them combined.

AMAZON.COM BOXES are great for transporting figures too, and almost everybody has tons of these lying around. Besides liquor store boxes, the Barnes and Noble chain of bookstores has tons of good sized boxes for SOC and other medium - large toys. just ask an employee, more often than not they'll help you out.

FOR your rarer DVDs, go to Office Depot and buy those little white envelope type sleeves, and take the discs out of their cases, and put the disc into these. Sometimes DVDs come out of their little indented tray while in the case, and can easily get scratched. A few dollars and a few extra minutes can save you the headache of having to track that impossible to find anime series down because a disc got scratched.

FISHING and outdoor supply stores have these little plastic Zip-Lock bags for fishing lures and hooks. These are great for smaller figures, as the heat, cold, or rough handleing can cause paint rub and damage. if you are low on cash or bubble wrap, fill them with air (blow into the bag and close it quick!) and you've got some more protection for little figures.

TWO PLASTIC GROCERY STORE BAGS will cover most 12-inch or 1/6 scale figure boxes, and save the corners from damage, as well as scuffs.

USE the move as an opportunity to catalog your collection. It helps keep you focused, organized, and is essential if you're going to claim your collection for renters or home ownwers insurance.

PROBABLY the best advice i can offer when transporting your collection: a lot of smaller boxes is safer than a lot of stuff in larger boxes. I broke so much stuff transporting my collection in big Tuperware plastic bins. I had to kiss my Dairugger and Lion Voltron as well as a ton of random vintage toys like Tron figures Good-Bye because i packed them in a big bin. the shifting of weight broke them despite bubble wrap. it's been 5 years and i STILL havent replaced all that broke (except the Tron figures. Got new ones right away because my love for Tron is unlimited and shamefull.) - the smaller boxes may take up a little more room, but depending on your distance and how rare and expensive your collection is, you'll have to decide yourself what is better: making more trips with safer boxes, or less trips and rolling the dice on what survives the moving adventure!

good luck on your travels, CDXers!

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Posted by The Big R on 21 January, 2008 - 10:53
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