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John Cena Talks About The Bumblebee Movie, Insists It's The Best Transformers Movie Yet

Tformers - 23 March, 2018 - 18:35
John Cena was recently interviewed about another movie he's starring in, but the interviewer didn't waste a chance to try to dig some Transformers info out of the actor, who's playing lead in Bumblebee opposite Hailee Steinfeld. Cena's references to conversing with a tennis ball on a stick basically guarantee he's got some screen time interacting with one robot or another, and apart from that, he mostly just talks about what a good job Travis Knight did making the movie look like a Transformers movie but also look completely different from a Transformers movie. yeah, we're mildly confused too. But you can check out some excerpts and a link to the original article below.
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Studio Series Leader Class Grimlock In Hand Photos

Tformers - 23 March, 2018 - 18:26
Thanks to a Weibo poster, we have a series of images giving us an in-hand look at Studio Series Leader Class Grimlock. This Grimlock promises greater accuracy to the on screen design than the toys that preceded it, and if nothing else it certainly succeeds on that mark in absence of color! Along with some overview images, we've also got some direct side-by-side shots to show off how Grimlock's robot mode stacks up to various other toys. You can find all the images mirrored below.
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Encore God Fire Convoy Set In Hand Photos And Videos With New Voice Clips

Tformers - 23 March, 2018 - 17:53
Andy Leung on the Hobbymizer Facebook group has the Encore God Fire Convoy boxset in hand, and has shared lots of photos and some videos of the Car Robots reissue set. The pair of Fire Convoy and God Magnus feature tweaked decos, most notably doing away with a lot of the chrome present on the original toys, giving a slightly more animation-oriented look to the toys. The reissues also feature newly recorded sound chips with lines spoken by the voice actors from the Car Robots TV show, demonstrations of which can be found in videos embedded below. Plus we have lots of photos mirrored to get a great look at this set. Click through to see everything!
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Toys R Us US Locations Begin Liquidation Sales In Preparation For Store Closings

Tformers - 23 March, 2018 - 16:38
After a couple of false starts, we can, sadly, confirm that the US Toys R Us locations have begun their liquidation sales as of March 23rd. The latest delay was apparently attributed to a dispute by some of the chain's suppliers regarding inventory they provided on credit, and want to be sure they get paid for - or get the merchandise back. On the Transformers end of things, one big question right now is what happens to Studio Series Thundercracker? It's unlikely stores will receive further deliveries, and aside from an isolated few sightings, this exclusive doesn't look like it'll get to see the light of day. Keep reading for more.
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TakaraTomy Legends Series LG64 Seaspray & Lione, LG65 Targetmaster Twin Twist, LG66 Targetmaster Topspin Images

Tformers - 23 March, 2018 - 07:29
Hobby Search has posted images of the last currently known assortment of TakaraTomy Legends figures! Seaspray with Lione, Topspin and Twintwist all look pretty good, and the Jumpstarter Twins' Targetmaster partners complement their owners' blue and white colors nicely, using the same concept of alternating color schemes with red and black. Keep reading to see the images mirrored here!
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Figure King Scans - Power of the Primes Optimal Optimus, Abominus G1 Style, Predaking, More!

Tformers - 23 March, 2018 - 06:53
Loopaza Mega Store has posted this month's scans from Figure King (Figure-Oh) magazine, and they provide possibly the best look we've yet had at Power of the Primes Optimal Optimus! (It also reinforces the idea that the lower half of his faceplate will probably not be painted on the final version of the toy, something that is going to bother us basically forever. Also on tap are images of Elita-Inf1nite and a shot of Abominus arranged G1 style - that is, with the flattest panels of the Terrorcons facing forward, and no elbows. Keep reading to see all that and more!
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ROBOTKINGDOM.COM Newsletter #1421

Tformers - 23 March, 2018 - 05:25
Robot Kingdom Hi, Here is a quick update from #1 Hot Items! ZETA EX05 ARC. New Listings! Pre-order. Available in early May 2018.
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Power of The Primes Inferno Box Art Leaked

Tformers - 22 March, 2018 - 18:28
The weibo user we know as "tf-factory" has done it again, leaking another piece of Transformers print material not long after a dump of Studio Series Megatron's stock photos earlier today. The latest unauthorized release is packaging art for Power of The Primes Inferno, a redeco and minor retool of Combiner Wars Hot Spot. Though despite that we know the mold is Hot Spot, the art depicts it incorrectly using elements from the Onslaught alternate parts trees - a fact most easily recognized in the design of the chest panel (though the shoulders are a giveaway too). You can find the full size image below.
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Transformers Studio Series Voyager Brawl Official Stock Photo

Tformers - 22 March, 2018 - 18:23
Wholesaler NDA Toys has given us a first look at the official stock photo for Voyager Class Brawl from the second wave of the Studio Series lineup. This conveniently follows on from a leaked look at Megatron's stock photography, also from wave 2. Through this we have a nice look at the figure in its final color and production plastics, letting us know what to expect when this figure starts getting in the hands of collectors... well, sometime after April 20th, at least, as that was what we last knew as a street date for Studio Series. And it's not always out of the question to see a second product wave hit shortly after the first when a sale date is enforced! Click through to see the full size image.
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Power of The Primes Voyager Wave 2 & Transformers Studio Series Wave 1 At Canadian Retail

Tformers - 22 March, 2018 - 18:16
Thanks to Ryan on Twitter, we have photos confirming that both the second wave Power of The Primes Voyagers (Elita-1 and Hun-Gurrr) as well as the first wave Studio Series figures are out in Canada now, at EB Games locations in or around Toronto. We've got photos from both finds below. It looks like Studio Series is not doing the best job holding to the street date we've been expecting of it, though the larger national retailers in the US at least seem to be playing along for the moment.
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ToysRUs Founder Charles Lazarus Dies At Age 94

Tformers - 22 March, 2018 - 13:16
In a saddeningly timely turn of events, CNN Money has reported that Charles Lazarus, founder of ToysRUs, has passed away at the age of 94. Lazarus began the business that came to be known as ToysRUs in 1948, opening his first all-toy store in 1957 and staying with the company until 1994. TFormers expresses our deepest condolences Mr. Lazarus' friends and family.
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Studio Series Voyager Class Revenge Of The Fallen Megatron - Official Images Leaked

Tformers - 22 March, 2018 - 08:23
In a post refreshingly devoid of purple marker, the usual Weibo leaker has shared images of the upcoming Studio Series Voyager Megatron. A new mold based on Megatron's Revenge of the Fallen appearance, the figure looks quite good in both modes even if the cannon/sword assembly on the right arm reminds us of nothing so much as a crab to this very day. Keep reading for more images of Crabtank Megatron!
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Studio Series Leader Class Blackout - In-Hand Images Of Impressive New Mold Of 2007 Transformers Movie Character

Tformers - 22 March, 2018 - 07:41
Yenting Lai of Facebook group TFND- Transformers Never Die has posted an extensive photo set for Studio Series Blackout! It's an impressive figure, to be sure. The backdrop included in-package is particularly nice as well, copying the desert scene where Blackout and Scorponok first made their appearance in 2007's Transformers film. We've mirrored the images here for you, so keep reading to see!
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Rescue Bots Academy Moves To Air Fall 2018 on Discovery Family, Targets (Even) Younger Audiences

Tformers - 22 March, 2018 - 07:31
Cynopsis Media has posted an update for Rescue Bots Academy in their most recent Kids TV update, and we've got some new information: the series has been moved up, and will begin airing on Discovery Family in the US fall of this year! The series is described by Discovery Family VP Angela Sondon as the same concept as Transformers Rescue Bots but more skewed to a preschool audience," so be ready for an even younger version of the same show. Keep reading for a link to the original article!
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BBTS Sponsor News: Ghostbusters, Marvel, DC, Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, Star Trek, Robotech, MOTU & More!

Tformers - 22 March, 2018 - 07:06
ZETA EX05 ARC - From Zeta the EX05 ARC figure stands 8 inches tall and transforms from a robot to a futuristic car. ARC features a metallic paint application and includes several exchangeable weapons and accessories.
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IF EX-05H Iron Factory 'The Hunter' Unofficial Small Scale Windblade Redeco

Tformers - 21 March, 2018 - 19:10
Coming from Weibo, we have some nice photos of a redeco of a fairly early Iron Factory "Legends"-scale figure. IF EX-05H is "The Hunter" which is their unlicensed Windblade figure in a deco based on the Combiner Hunters set from San Diego Comic Con. Though in lieu of the giant weapon the actual Hunter Windblade included, The Hunter seems to only come with two of its normal sword rather than the original release's single sword. We don't have release information on this right now, but it could be worth keeping an eye out for, especially if you had an interest in the first release. Keep reading to see all the photos!
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XM Studios New Megatron Statue Teaser Image

Tformers - 21 March, 2018 - 18:59
On Facebook, XM Studios has posted a new teaser render for an upcoming licensed Megatron statue they're working on. The highly stylized take on G1 Megatron has all of the recognizable elements, though done in a style that's more like movie-meets-G1. Interestingly it's also called out as being "1/10 scale". But without an indication what they're basing the "real" height on, that doesn't offer much clarity toward the size that this statue will ultimately be. We've mirrored the teaser image below, click through and take a look!
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IDW Transformers Comics Solicitations For June 2018

Tformers - 21 March, 2018 - 18:52
Previews World has posted the latest round of comic solicits, taking us in to the summer. Notable on the block this month is the return of IDW's movie continuity tie in comics, once again written by John Barber and to feature interior art by Andrew Griffith. This time out it's a prequel to the Bumblebee movie, noted as being aimed at younger readers. Apart from that, we have the usual Optimus Prime and two Lost Light issues, plus some trades including a complete collection of the Wreckers titles. Keep reading for all the solicits and (a few) cover previews!
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Transformers Movie Studio Series Full First Wave Sighted At Retail Including Leader Blackout & Grimlock

Tformers - 21 March, 2018 - 18:33
Via reddit, we have a first in-store sighting of the complete first wave of Studio Series product, comprising the Deluxe, Voyager, and now Leader classes. The find is from Auckland, New Zealand, and the original poster confirms that both Grimlock and Blackout were present at the store, marking their first appearance at standard retail. Their debut in the US is a bit of a question mark as we wait for a street date to come and go, but with Toys R Us on the way out, it's unclear if they may jump the line and go ahead and push whatever inventory is on hand while they have the chance. Click through for the sighting photo!
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Radio Free Cybertron - 3/21/2017 Live Stream!

Tformers - 21 March, 2018 - 15:08
Click here to view the Radio Free Cybertron live stream for 3/21/2017!
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