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Hasbro Group Editor Sarah Gaydos Leaves IDW For Oni Press

Tformers - 2 April, 2018 - 08:56
Per Newsarama, Hasbro Group Editor Sarah Gaydos, who took the job after John Barber stepped down from his editorial duties at IDW in 2016, is moving to a newly-created job at Oni Press. Gaydos will become the Editorial Director of Licensed Publishing at Oni shortly, apparently leaving IDW without a Hasbro Group Editor in the wake of the Unicron universe-ending event. Which honestly makes us even more anxious to see what comes after that. Keep reading for more details.
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REVEALED - Power of the Primes Nemesis Prime Coming Soon?

Tformers - 2 April, 2018 - 06:41
We were told there were more Power of the Primes exclusives we didn't know about, and here we are! Hasbro's Russian branch posted to the social media site with an image of what appears to be a new Leader class Nemesis Prime based on the Wave 1 Leader Optimus Prime! The figure sports new accessories and a new headsculpt - making us extremely curious about what the Orion Pax figure in the chest might look like. Keep reading to see!
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Evergreen Bumblebee Figural Balloon Now Available In Europe

Tformers - 1 April, 2018 - 07:01
European distributor of party supplies Amscan has posted a listing with photo of a new foil party balloon the company is offering: "Evergreen" styled Bumblebee! The balloon measures 34"/86cm wide by 47"/1.19m tall and is sold wholesale from the distributor in packs of 5. Keep reading to see the photo!
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Transformers Studio Series Leader, Voyager and Deluxe Pre-orders

Tformers - 1 April, 2018 - 05:53
This Studio Series Leader Class lineup features premium figures, each with movie-inspired scale, detail, and backdrop. Figures stand at a scale relative to their characters height in the movie and feature deco. Each package comes with a movie scene backdrop that can be removed to display the figure on shelf. Fans can use the backdrop and pose their figures in the scene with their own style.
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Transformers LG-EX Greatshot Legends Mini-Comic Page Images

Tformers - 31 March, 2018 - 18:26
Once again from Gamerlingual we have images of the comic packed in with LG-EX Greatshot. Though much of the detail of what's going on is hard to get from just the art, one element is pretty clear: the expectations of some fans have been met, and it looks like Greatshot's Headmaster is being explained as a revived form of Chromedome's friend Jack, who Sixshot killed in The Headmasters. This takes advantage of the Titan Master sculpt for Sixshot taking design cues from that character model, and that mold element being reused for this release. Click through to have a look at the new comic.
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Transformers Legends Grand Maximus Pack In Comic First Look

Tformers - 31 March, 2018 - 18:13
We've got our first look at the comic included with LG-EX Grand Maximus. These first images are photos of the pages, so they're not the absolute highest quality, but they're pretty good for now. Not that we think higher quality scans would lead to the comic making all that much more sense in absence of the dialogue to tie it together. The show-stealer though is an appearance of Black Zarak embodied as a recolored Doubledealer using the Scorponok Titan Master that came with Grotusque. Not something we expect to ever see for sale, but an interesting use of resources. You can puzzle along with it in the gallery below while we hope for a translation in the near future!
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Transformers Encore Car Robots God Fire Convoy Out Of Box Photos

Tformers - 31 March, 2018 - 17:52
Thanks to tagoal via Twitter, we've got some very nice photos tonight of the brand new Encore God Fire Convoy set. The first Car Robots reissue package has slightly deco-modified versions of Fire Convoy and God Magnus, and includes the giant sword with its polearm-style handle previously exclusive to a Toys R Us Japan clear giftset. This Encore release is in many respects the entire package, but it's certainly not going to come cheap! Keep reading to see the mirrored photos below.
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More In Hand Photos of Transformers Legends LG-EX Greatshot

Tformers - 31 March, 2018 - 17:32
We've got some good looks at this month's special Transformers releases from Japan straight off of Twitter. First from Alfes2010, we have more pictures of Greatshot, including a side by side image with an original Greatshot. Plus a bonus of Greatshot and Sixshot switching faces. These photos give a really nice look at the robot mode and its retooled parts, though not really putting any attention on the alt modes this time. Click through to check them all out now!
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Transformers Movie Tiny Trubo Changers Series 3 Sighted in Thailand

Tformers - 31 March, 2018 - 13:24
Movie fans will be glad to know the hunt is on for Transformers Movie Tiny Trubo Changers Series 3 that have been spotted in Thailand. Thanks to images courtesy of Al Pa Pow from G+, we have a look at the Ironhide and Dinobot Slug toys out of the package. No word on if or when these will be landing here in the states, yet.
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Transformers: Bumblebee Star John Cena Offers More Comments On The Movie, But Says Little

Tformers - 30 March, 2018 - 09:19
Entertainment Weekly talked to John Cena recently, mainly about his interest in coming on board The Fast And The Furious franchise. However, as you do, the Transformers question came up, and John Cena certainly gave a statement about it. Cena is either very good at doing vague talk comments or isn't very good at it at all, and I really just can't tell. The only somewhat clear remark is about how the character he plays is of a type he hasn't done before, but that he felt confident about. You can find the quoted comment below and a link to the original article.
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DX9 Toys 'Plissken' X34B Nemesis Version of Dutch Unofficial Legends-Size Optimus - Plus Transformation Demo!

Tformers - 30 March, 2018 - 09:11
Yesterday we saw Dutch, DX9's rather impressively styled unlicensed Optimus Prime figure that would be joining the company's other small scale offerings. Following right off from that we have a look from DX9's Facebook page at the redeco - Plissken, taking the form of a Nemesis Prime. Which is a pretty obvious way to go when you just want to reuse the mold assets already made. I'm personally hoping for another go at this with a new Ultra Magnus trailer armor and a Powered Convoy/Delta Magnus redeco down the road. Plus as a bonus, we have a transformation video showing how Dutch goes from vehicle to robot. Find it all below!
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Transformers Cyber Battalion Shockwave Video Review

Tformers - 30 March, 2018 - 08:59
If you've been hoping for a more detailed look at the Cyber Battalion Shockwave figure that snuck out to Asian and US retail in the last few weeks, you're in luck. TMan978 on our forums has shared a new video review for that figure. While confirming the other in hand reports of things like the limited articulation in unfortunate places, it's still a really good looking Shockwave for anyone wanting a representation of the G1 look (short of going Masterpiece, of course). Check out the full review embedded below!
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Transformers Legends LG-EX Greatshot In Hand Photos

Tformers - 30 March, 2018 - 08:47
Oscar Fung has been among the first to receive the exclusive Legends series figures being released as we close out the month of March, and so over on the Hobbymizer Facebook group, we've got some early photos from him doing the basic rundown of Greatshot. Greatshot is of course a retool of Titans Return Sixshot featuring several new pieces, some of which is shown in detail among the standard assortment of alt mode photos. It looks like it's all turned out pretty well! We'll be watching for further photos of this as well as Grand Maximus, the two of which currently represent the end of the Legends series for the known future. Click through to see the mirrored pictures.
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New Darth Vader TIE Advanced X1 In-Hand Images Show Riders and More

Tformers - 30 March, 2018 - 07:47
Thanks to Jimmy Yu who has posted a set of in-hand images of the TakaraTomy Star Wars Powered By Transformers Darth Vader TIE Advanced X1 to the HK-TF group along with some notes on the release. The images show the figure in his various modes along with the saber weapon and small rider-figures that come with it. Read on to see the images and Jimmy Yu translated comments on the set below.
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Official Star Wars Transformers Series Promo Video from TakaraTomy

Tformers - 30 March, 2018 - 07:29
Just up on their official YouTube channel. TakaraTomy have posted a new promotional video for their Star Wars Powered By Transformers series of crossover action action figures. The Japanese language video offers an official look at the Darth Vader TIE Advanced X1 figure as well as the Han Solo with Chewbacca Millenium Falcon toy. Watch the video below for the full look.
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ROBOTKINGDOM.COM Newsletter #1422

Tformers - 30 March, 2018 - 06:11
Robot Kingdom Hi, Here is a quick update from #1 Hot Items! Generation Toys GT-01 Gravity Builder (Black Version). New Listings! Pre-order. Available in August 2018.
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Comic Covers For Optimus Prime Issue #17 and #18 Revealed

Tformers - 29 March, 2018 - 12:50
IDW have updated the listings on their website for the upcoming issues 17 and 18 of Optimus Prime to finally show off the main covers for the issues, both featuring the art of regular interior artist Kei Zama. These issues continue on the storyline of "The Falling", with the return of Onyx Prime. We've previously seen variant covers for these issues as part of their initial solicitation, but this marks our first look at the "A" covers for each. Click through now to get a good look at both!
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TakaraTomy Power of The Primes September Releases Revealed

Tformers - 29 March, 2018 - 12:38
Loopaza on Facebook has shared out an early retailer listing once again for upcoming TakaraTomy Transformers goods coming in a few months' time. Thanks to that, we now know what September will be bringing us in the Japanese release of Power of The Primes. Not quite as exciting as Legends reveals, since all of the product now will be virtually identical to the Hasbro releases, but at least if nothing else it might offer collectors a bit of a "safety net" in case distribution issues make it hard to find the domestic product. Keep reading to find out what's coming up!
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Transformers Movie Studio Series Leader Class In Stores In The US

Tformers - 29 March, 2018 - 12:27
Thanks to Paladin who reported the find on twitter this afternoon, we can confirm that the Leader Class figures from Studio Series are hitting retail in the US. This sighting happened at a Meijer location in Wixom, Michigan, and at least one each of both Blackout and Grimlock were seen. Also reported on the shelf, though not photographed, were the wave 1 Deluxes. Voyagers have also previously been found at Meijer, so if you're in the Midwest, that looks like the place to go for the entire Studio Series lineup right now!
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DX9 X34 Dutch - New Color Prototype Images Of Unofficial Optimus Prime In Legends Scale

Tformers - 29 March, 2018 - 08:08
RAC's pretty fond of on-model figures, even those like MP-33 Inferno whose plainness rubs some collectors the wrong way. So even though he's not big into unofficial third party toys, he likes the look of DX9's new Optimus Prime figure, Dutch - whose intriguing transformation was point of extended conversation on last night's Radio Free Cybertron! Today, DX9 has posted some new images to Facebook giving a better look at the Legends-scaled figure, and its trailer complete with Combat Deck. Keep reading to see!
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