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GO TO OLLIE'S - Titans Return Trypticon Found For $12.99 At Florida Ollie's Bargain Outlet

Tformers - 15 April, 2018 - 07:52
Redditor WorldofMacho has shared a photo to the Transformers subreddit of a very exciting find: Titans Return Titan Class Trypticon has been sighted at a Florida Ollie's Bargain Outlet for $12.99! That is an absolutely insane price for a figure whose SRP is more than ten times that amount. Keep reading for photographic proof, and safe trip to your local Ollie's!
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Ion Blaster Commander - An Unofficial Masterpiece Of A Completely Different Scale

Tformers - 14 April, 2018 - 17:31
Newcomer M-Deck is making a strong first appearance in the unofficial Transformers-derived merchandise scene with Ion Blaster Commander, a human-scale replica of Optimus Prime's iconic rifle. Coming in at 39 inches long (or about 1 meter), M-Deck presents this rifle replica as being approximately 1/10 scale. The final product is planned to have numerous lighting elements and sounds, and the images of the current prototype look promising. You can find those photos plus more info below!
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Fix it Yourself Encore God Fire Convoy Video by Yukio

Tformers - 14 April, 2018 - 09:24
Youtuber Yukio, who pointed out some of the defects with his version of Encore God Fire Convoy in his previous video, has decided to keep his purchase instead of returning it and took upon himself to repair the poor quality stricken reissue. You can see his instructional video below.
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Artist Alex Milne To Attend TFNation 2018

Tformers - 14 April, 2018 - 08:11
Alex Milne, artist of Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye and Rom vs. Transformers: Shining Armor will be attending TFNation 2018 in Birmingham, UK this year! The con takes place between August 17th and 19th, and the guest list includes Milne as well as fellow IDW Transformers creators Nick Roche, James Roberts, John-Paul Bove, and more! Keep reading for the official release.
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Power of the Primes Deluxe Wreck-Gar - Package Art Leaked

Tformers - 14 April, 2018 - 07:58
It's that same guy with the purple marker again - but this time he used black and only a little of it, presumably to obscure which Prime Master will be included with Wreck-Gar. It's a nice piece of packaging art, and does a pretty good job of selling the Combiner Wars/Unite Warriors Deluxe Groove mold as the Junkion leader. Keep reading to see!
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Preview: Optimus Prime #17 Transformers Comic Book

Tformers - 13 April, 2018 - 09:31
Just up on iTunes, we have a three-page preview of the Optimus Prime #17 comic book. The Falling, Part 3: Onyx Prime sows the seeds of chaos and panic on Cybertron as he reveals dark secrets but nothing will prepare Optimus Prime and his allies for Onyxs darkest revelation!
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Power of the Primes Leader Class Nemesis Prime Package Back Leaked

Tformers - 13 April, 2018 - 08:43
Ready for more obnoxious purple marker leaks? Too bad, because the usual Weibo leaker is inflicting it on us again with needlessly marked-over images of Nemesis Prime, a figure we've already seen through official (if unusual) channels. But we get his bio, an image of the Dark Matrix of Leadership, and a look at "Decepticon Giza," who seems to be formed from Nemesis Prime's weapons. Keep reading if you like purple.
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Power of the Primes Wave 3 Deluxe Terrorcons Blot, Sinnertwin, Cutthroat - More In-Hand Images

Tformers - 13 April, 2018 - 07:47
With thanks once again going to, we've got some in-hand, out-of-package photos of the Power of the Primes Wave 3 Terrorcons! Blot, Sinnertwin, and Cutthroat are all looking good, and have indeed retained their original names as promised. Keep reading to see more!
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ROBOTKINGDOM.COM Newsletter #1424

Tformers - 13 April, 2018 - 05:18
Robot Kingdom Many new preorders started this week! Including Star Wars, Diaclone and Planet X! Hi, Here is a quick update from #1 Hot Items! Planet X PX-17 Morpheus, PX-18 Phobetor, PX-19 Phantasus set of 3. New Listings! Preorder! Available in June 2018.
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TakaraTomy Conducts Voluntary Recall Of Encore God Fire Convoy Set

Tformers - 12 April, 2018 - 21:30
A new posting on TakaraTomy's website announces that the company is beginning a recall of the recently released Encore God Fire Convoy reissue, offering to take back the set and refund customers for their purchase. The stated reason comes as a bit of a surprise, as it's not to do with any of the repeatedly discussed material or assembly issues, but rather a mistake in the electronics. The company cites an error in the sound chip programming, along with an error in the printed information in the packaging as the cause for the recall. Keep reading to find out more.
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TERRORCONS SIGHTED - Power Of The Primes Wave 3 Deluxes Hit New Zealand - In-Package Photos!

Tformers - 12 April, 2018 - 13:02
The good folks at have let us know that Power of the Primes Deluxe Wave 3, featuring Terrorcons Blot, Cutthroat, and Sinnertwin have been sighted in New Zealand stores! This is well ahead of the anticipated Summer release, so hopefully it'll spread across the globe soon enough. Keep reading for in-package photos!
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CHEAP! Power Of The Primes Voyager Starscream Currently $16 On Amazon

Tformers - 12 April, 2018 - 07:44
If his combiner-torso proportional necessities and questionable stickers have foiled your urge to purchase Power of the Primes Voyager class Starscream: good (or possibly bad) news! Amazon currently has it for $16.16 as of this writing, and eligible for Amazon Prime's free shipping. Keep reading for a link!
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Kabam Adds Blaster To Transformers: Forged To Fight

Tformers - 12 April, 2018 - 07:31
Kabam has announced that Blaster will be joining Transformers: Forged To Fight, the smartphone-based Transformers fighting game, at 10AM PDT (or 1PM EDT)! With a nice-looking model based on his Titans Return Leader class figure, Blaster's powers are detailed on the F2F homepage. But we've mirrored the description for you below, so keep reading to see!
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Radio Free Cybertron - 4/11/2017 Live Stream!

Tformers - 11 April, 2018 - 15:12
Click here to view the Radio Free Cybertron live stream for 4/11/2017!
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BBTS New Toys: Solo Black Series, Dragon Ball, Infinity War, Transformers, Funko & More!

Tformers - 11 April, 2018 - 11:10
TRANSFORMERS KURO KARA KURI #02 TARN FIGURE - Tarn is the second figure in the Kuro Kara Kuri line from Flame Toys. Based on the IDW comics, Tarn is super poseable, standing over 8 inches tall, and features die-cast parts for a solid build. Tarn has three LED units in his body, includes a detachable face mask, and comes armed with a pair of busters that can combine to make a big buster.
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Imaginarium Art G1 Wheeljack Statue Design Revealed

Tformers - 11 April, 2018 - 10:05
Imaginarium Art reveals their latest edition in the Transformers G1 series to be Wheeljack. The Autobot scientist gets his day in this cartoon accurate edition. The uncolored computer rendering shows us the character's torso complete with his shoulder missile and highly detailed robot mechanics. No word on pricing and release date, yet. Read on to see the Imaginarium Art G1 Wheeljack image below.
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Mister Moon Shows Off Testshots For Unofficial Grapple And Inferno Legends-Size Figures

Tformers - 10 April, 2018 - 17:33
Mister Moon - who we've talked about once before for an unofficial Cliffjumper - has shared a new testshot sample they're working on to their Facebook page. "Fighter" is their go at Inferno in the Legends scale, though a Grapple is also clearly part of that plan since the robot model shown distinctly features detail of that character while the vehicle mode is configured as a firetruck. The all-white testshot makes details hard to see, which might be why some have been drawn on. We'll have to wait and see to get a better idea of these figures. In the meantime, click through to see the photo!
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Early Prototype Of MMC Reformatted Unofficial Tesarus Revealed - The DJD Continues

Tformers - 10 April, 2018 - 17:27
For those worried after the whereabouts of the remaining members of the Decepticon Justice Division, being released in unofficial form from Mastermind Creations, this should be a mostly happy update! A post on Instagram shows an early prototype for Tesarus, one of the two larger members of the group. The image caption notes sending it to the factory for tooling, suggesting this is 3D printed or otherwise a one off, probably as an engineering proof to make sure everything about the eventual produced item works as intended. But unfortunately this means it's probably several months before the finished version could possibly be released. Click through to take a look.
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Transformers Movie Studio Series Now Available In Walmart Locations in The US

Tformers - 10 April, 2018 - 17:12
The sale date for Studio Series toys looks to have fallen earlier than we thought - possibly 4/2 rather than 4/20 - and retailers are properly stocking the new assortments now. Latest on that score is Walmart, where I can personally report a sighting in the middle Tennessee area, west of Nashville. On hand were the full assortment of both wave 1 Deluxes and Voyagers. Leaders had not been stocked yet. Take note, though the photos below show the toys stocked in existing spaces, a quick price scan reveals Walmart is following along with the suggested retail prices, so about $20 for Deluxes and $30 for Voyagers - no undercutting like we saw with The Last Knight. Happy hunting, movie collectors!
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Transformers: Cyberverse Slipstream Voice Actor Revealed as Lianne Marie Dobbs

Tformers - 10 April, 2018 - 13:50
Lianne Marie Dobbs kicks off the voice over reveals for Transformers Cyberverse! The new cartoon slated to take over from Robots in Disguise is appearently rolling out with with production plans as Lianne gives up the reveal on Instagram with a shot from her recording session. Read on to see the full quote and image from Lianne Marie Dobbs.
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