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Himouto! Umaru-chan Gets 2nd Novel

Anime News Network - 20 April, 2018 - 15:30
1st novel shipped in 2015
Categories: Anime

Persona 3, Persona 5 Dancing Game Videos Preview Protagonists

Anime News Network - 20 April, 2018 - 14:30
Games ship in Japan on May 24
Categories: Anime

ISLAND Anime's New Key Visual Shows Main Characters

Anime News Network - 20 April, 2018 - 13:30
The official website for the television anime of Frontwing and Prototype's ISLAND visual novel updated on Friday with a new key visual. The visual shows...
Categories: Anime

5th Space Battleship Yamato 2202 Anime Film's Promo Video Previews Ending Theme

Anime News Network - 20 April, 2018 - 13:10
Isao Sasaki, Ayahi Takagaki, Tomoyo Kurosawa join cast
Categories: Anime

Exclusive: Batman Ninja Anime's Clip Shows Batman Fighting Samurai

Anime News Network - 20 April, 2018 - 12:00
Warner Bros. to release film digitally on April 24, with home video release on May 8
Categories: Anime

Thank You!!!

Glyos Transmission Blog - 20 April, 2018 - 11:30
Thank you for exploring the "slightly pink" Villser Ullmoriun Biovessel with us over the last week! We really appreciate all the steady communication that has been popping up in those comments as well. It always feels good to talk with you guys, and even after all these years we're still gaining new insight into our community on a regular basis. Marking our 72nd wave is only possible because of your true interest in this stuff, and we'll keep on creating within this world as long as we have the ability to do so.

I'll attempt to keep things short(ish), I promise!

Beyond the return of the Buildstation, this recent wave wraps up our small trio of "Real Type" releases as we head towards the warmer months. It's a blast endlessly exploring the oddball hues of Real Type color theory, so revisiting the genre later this year is a definite. In the meantime, we'll continue to nose around the Biovessel with some special posts popping up over the next week.

Speaking of upcoming releases, our next one (late May) focuses on a pretty specific and somewhat obscure homage that some of you may be familiar with from when you were kids. It's a little outside the more popular 80's toylines, but does have some significant meaning behind the scenes over here, particularly in regard to the DSG design. I consider this coming wave a temporally displaced birthday gift to my much younger and less gray counterpart, playing under the bed somewhere in a permanent 1984. Be prepared for extra weirdness with this one, and of course, expect a couple surprises.

Almost every order placed up until late last night has headed to the post. As usual, Michelle and Pj were the dual forces responsible for keeping things on track. Little Dragon and a dash of Fleetwood Mac scored the barn mayhem for the week. Quick note for those of you that may have received two different tracking numbers; please disregard the first one you received and just follow the second one that was issued. We had an old school Paypal hiccup and had to re-enter the shipping on a few orders.

I said I'd keep it short and I almost got there! Thanks once again for being part of Glyos and for all the awesome creative inspiration that you continue to share not only with us, but most importantly, with each other.

Categories: Otaku Culture, Toy News

Happy Sugar Life Anime Casts Natsuki Hanae, Aya Suzaki, Yuichiro Umehara

Anime News Network - 20 April, 2018 - 10:35
TV series about girl's obsessive love for younger girl debuts in July
Categories: Anime

FAT FAIRY GID Edition by Pucky x Unbox Industries for April 21st Online Release

TOYSREVIL'S I LIKE TOYS - 20 April, 2018 - 10:24
WHAT/WHO: "Fat Fairy" GID edition by Pucky x Unbox Industries WHEN/WHERE: April 21st @ HOW MANY/HOW MUCH: Pending / HK$700 (via @toystation88). RELEASING SATURDAY 21st APRIL BST: 15:00pm HKT: 22:00pm EDT: 10:00am PDT: 7:00am JST: 23:00pm REMARKS: This is the third colorway release, after "Green Forest" and "Pink Rainbow" of this 6 inch-tall pre-painted vinyl
Categories: Designer Toys, Toy News

Androids : Robot Revolution! Buildable Android & The Reveal of "Mix-Bot 04" by Kong Andri

TOYSREVIL'S I LIKE TOYS - 20 April, 2018 - 10:23
Remix, Reimagine, Rebuild! Introducing Android mini collectibles Robot Revolution series! The all new series features artwork from Google, Andrew Bell, Chuckboy, Patricio Oliver, Loulou & Tummie, Kong Andri and Scott Tolleson. A total of 15 unique new designs (and 2 variants) will be unveiled leading up to the May release ... but in THIS particular introductory post, we'll take a look at the "
Categories: Designer Toys, Toy News

Back Street Girls TV Anime Reveals Visuals, Staff

Anime News Network - 20 April, 2018 - 10:10
When They Cry - Higurashi's Chiaki Kon directs series at J.C. Staff
Categories: Anime

Masahiro Totsuka Launches New Material Puzzle Manga After 9 Years

Anime News Network - 20 April, 2018 - 10:00
Totsuka's original fantasy manga ran in 2002-2008, spawned prequel manga
Categories: Anime

Studio DEEN Confirms Aguu -Tensai Ningyō- TV Anime Adaptation of Chinese Comic

Anime News Network - 20 April, 2018 - 09:10
Anime is studio's 2nd collaboration with Tencent after Reikenzan
Categories: Anime

Hitori No Shita The Outcast 2's 2nd Part Premieres on May 1

Anime News Network - 20 April, 2018 - 09:00
2nd part of anime adds Masafumi Kobatake, Taiten Kusunoki, Tomoyuki Maruyama to cast
Categories: Anime

Netflix Streams New Aggretsuko Anime Trailer to Mark Worldwide Debut

Anime News Network - 20 April, 2018 - 08:00
Series of 10 15-minute episodes premiered on Friday
Categories: Anime

Gundam: Hathaway Film Trilogy, Overseas Gundam UC2 Drama Teased

Anime News Network - 20 April, 2018 - 06:35
Briefly shown in timeline during event that announced Gundam NT anime
Categories: Anime

Gundam NT Unveiled as New UC Anime Set After Unicorn

Anime News Network - 20 April, 2018 - 06:02
November screenings, tactical game app, manga, novel, more in "UC NexT 0100 Project"
Categories: Anime

Detective Comics #604 Norm Breyfogle Batman Poster - 20 April, 2018 - 05:43
One of my favorite Batman artists ever, Norm Breyfogle (Breyfogle Batman books at*) crafted this gorgeous Batman painting for the first issue of the Mud Pack four-part story way back in 1989. Breyfogle created other Batman paintings over the years (the cover to Holy Terror* truly stands out), but there’s something pure superhero about this Batman poster that was... Read more →
Categories: Designer Toys, Toy News
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