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Video Review: VF-1J Hikaru Ichijo Custom

I can’t help but be curious when a new incarnation of the classic design arrives. I want to know “How did they do it this time?”

Video Review: VF-19S Blazer Valkyrie

An ok toy held back by some questionable design choices.

Video Review: Gundam Cup Noodle

It's the Gundam that eats like a meal.


Video Review: Pegasus Seiya (Original Color Version)

Now with more words! And a video review.

Video Review: Tobikage & Kurojishi

I've been waiting quite a while to get this in my hands. Was it worth the wait? Read on robonerds.

Video Review: TOS Black Handle Phaser

Despite the two flaws I found in mine, and that I find stuffing one small weapon inside another one both puzzling and amusing, I’m still satisfied with this set.

Video review included!

Video Review: VF-25G Super Messiah Valkyrie Michael Custom

Who needs a transforming Valkyrie toy?

Video Review: Tensou Gattai Series 03 - Skick Brothers Set

Assuming that you've got a DX Gosei Great, and enjoy the Headder-swapping gimmick, then this set may not be too bad an addition.


Video Review: White Glint & V.O.B Set Movie Color Version

Weaponized coolness.

Video Review: DX Tensou Gattai Gosei Ground

This set adds nothing to an already confused and boring toyline.

Video review included!

Video Review: DX Tensou Gattai Gosei Great

The loss of any childhood enchantment and fantasy is often crushingly sudden. Though this probably sounds overly dramatic and pathetic, I think this may spell the beginning of the end for one of mine, and there may be nothing I can do to stop it....

Video Review: Gosei Blaster

When I first opened the box and actually had it in my hand, the word that popped into my mind, devoid of any sarcasm, was “cute”.


Video Review: Gosei Power Kaihoki Tensouder

It’s good at what it does, but if the card-collecting gimmick for the whole series had been a little better thought out, I might have appreciated it more.

Deluxe Max Solarzord- Robot Mode (front)
Video Review: Deluxe Max Solarzord

I almost didn’t get this toy because I’m not the biggest fan of it, but I just felt that my collection of Lightspeed Rescue Zords would not have been complete without it.

Video review included!

Deluxe Lightspeed Megazord (front)
Video Review: Deluxe Lightspeed Megazord

Despite its blocky- some would say simplified- design, it's guaranteed to be both durable and flexible in its mission to save the world in the blink of an eye!

Video review included!

Deluxe Auto-Morphin Warrior Wheel- Robot Mode (front)
Video Review: Deluxe Auto-Morphin Warrior Wheel

Having a toy that transforms by itself is a fun feature, and this one pulls it off well despite its awkward proportions as an American football-inspired giant robot.

Video review included!

Deluxe Super Zeo Megazord (front)
Video Review: Deluxe Super Zeo Megazord

It definitely lives up to its name, and merely reinforces the integrity of the “Power Rangers Zeo” transforming mecha line.

Video review included!

Deluxe Pyramidas The Carrier Zord- Robot Mode (front)
Video Review: Deluxe Pyramidas The Carrier Zord

It is a massive triple-changing beast that cannot be avoided, and has become one of the favorite pieces in my collection.

Video review included!

Deluxe Red Battlezord (front)
Video Review: Deluxe Red Battlezord

By itself, it has not much to offer but blocky boxing goodness, but despite not having an alternate mode to transform into on its own, it’s still a solid if simple toy.

Video review included!

Deluxe Zeo Megazord (front)
Video Review: Deluxe Zeo Megazord

I don’t know the general consensus of other fans regarding this toy, but it is still a solid winner in my book.

Video review included!

Samurai Gattai DaiTenkuu (front)
Video Review: Samurai Gattai DaiTenkuu, and Chou Samurai Gattai Tenkuu Shinken-Oh

Perhaps only in sitting on your shelf do they have any real power.

Video review included!

Video Review: VF-27β Grace O'Connor/Normal Type

It isn't easy being a web exclusive.

Video Review: YF-19 Prototype Unit No.4 Double Nuts

A much welcome new look on a classic design.

Video Review: GFF Metal Composite #1005 MSZ-006A1/C1[Bst] Z Plus[RED]

This set has been an eye opening experience for me. A look into how awesome some Gundam releases can really be.

Video Review: 12" Collector B.A. Baracus

I pity the fool who pays MSRP!!

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