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  • Gundam X

    Over the years I have seen several KO Gundams in Easter baskets sold at places like K-Mart (now defunct unfortunately). Occasionally I may see one or two at the local Dollar Store.

    Scarfang_The_Slayer   3 years 25 weeks ago
  • Solbraver

    The triangle-shaped gun that unfolds into a bladed weapon is the Cerberus-Delta (named Kerberos-Delta) and Bothwinder is basically a gun that shoots ropes and special ammunition.

    I'm kinda pissed that Bandai already gave up on making figures for the Metal Heroes side of S.H. Figuarts when they already have prototypes of Metalder and Janperson on display in a previous toy fair.

    makaikishi   3 years 26 weeks ago
  • Godzilla (1962)

    Sadly already sold out and being marked up into...not worth it price so i am out...

    AJProDie-Cast   3 years 33 weeks ago
  • Ratchet

    I can attest to the fact that Ratchet was a lot of fun if you had the Diaclone pilots. On the Christmas of 85' my mother had given me a Diakron Multi-force 14 along with a couple of G1 toys (of Diaclone origin). It didn't take long for me to put those little dudes into the G1 vehicle cockpits. At that point I didn't play with the toys as Transformers, but instead pretended that they were nature intended!

    Goldenage   3 years 33 weeks ago
  • Wish I'd never sold mine, it really is awesome in hand.

    north-exit   3 years 36 weeks ago
  • Funamori

    This toy line started life out as an April Fool's joke. The reception online was so great that Bandai decided to actually make it real.

    See here:

    & here:

    & here:

    netkid   3 years 36 weeks ago
  • Funamori

    "Who's the fluffy, cute killing machine? Yes, it's you."

    Weird yet interesting is what I can say about this line.

    makaikishi   3 years 37 weeks ago
  • Robocop

    Yup, that's the brain of Robocop 2, made from the big bad drug dealer that's the antagonist of the second movie.

    Optimal III   3 years 38 weeks ago
  • Titanosaurus

    One thing I've always loved about these vinyl figures are all the crazy colour schemes & many, many different variations of a particular figure. From earth-tones to neon-bright rainbow colored.

    Scarfang_The_Slayer   3 years 38 weeks ago
  • I would've gladly paid $200 for this if Nausicaä were SH Figuarts scale and the glider didn't separate into that weird butterfly nonsense. And she should've come with an accessory of her pet! How can you forget including that, Bandai?!?!? And some extra head sculpts to configure her with/without goggles, face mask, or helmet would've been nice too.

    However, with a figure at this small a scale, it wouldn't be that difficult to make a play set or diorama of her secret laboratory. That would be a fun project to undertake.

    netkid   3 years 39 weeks ago
  • Roadblock

    For whatever it's worth, I've got two extra of Scarlett unopened if anyone's looking for her specifically.

    I'm still trying to find Beach Head & the Baroness. Have wave 2 pre-ordered with BBTS and Profit Director Destro pre-ordered at Hasbro Pulse.

    Optimal III   3 years 40 weeks ago
  • Megazord

    Regarding Josh's comment on the Beast Morpher Zords...

    "Not only did it look bad, but each component was so expensive, I would have easily spent over a hundred dollars to get the whole set, that is if you could ever find them at stores."

    I didn't believe these Zords were expensive at first but upon seeing just one Wrecker Zord set in a local toy store, it was priced at $42 and the rest of the Zords were unavailable everywhere I looked. Forking more than $100 to build an Ultrazord that's not really well-made is utterly ridiculous.

    makaikishi   3 years 40 weeks ago
  • Roadblock

    I'm just gonna stick with the 3&3/4" size. I had been for years and years. So why change? You're barely gonna get vehicles for the 6" scale, and bases are not happening at that size. No way in Hell.

    The 6" Joes are just okay, most looking nothing like what you'd consider the "definitive" design or aesthetic of the character. They lack the "essence." Too much techy crap plastered onto them. No real guns either! Imagine how much better Duke would look without all the metal and blue glowy bits. He needs to just look like an officer in uniform. If they want to do an armored up, geared up, armed to the teeth Duke, then do that as a separate figure. Just look at how far Scarlett is off the mark. Dear God, she's asking to get shot up on the battlefield in those flashy gold colors. Roadblock here looks like he wants to be his Version 2 look but his colors are wrong and he too has gold armor.

    However, Snake Eyes looks fine whichever way you slice him, that's just the versatility of his character. Storm Shadow too. Gung Ho and Beachhead do seem a bit more "toned down" though, than their flashy gold and blue wave 1 Joes. Honestly, all the Cobras look decent and fitting in their designs, even the various variants of the Commander cause he's known to be flashy and excessive. Yeah, Cobras are definitely the stars of this line so far. If you can even obtain any of them. LOL.

    netkid   3 years 40 weeks ago
  • Roadblock

    I was planning to get Gung-Ho, Destro and Cobra Commander later on but after going through three toy stores yesterday without a single G.I. Joe Classified figure, I figured I'll just get Gung-Ho online and never look back at this toy line. There's no way I'm going to pay more than the SRP of these again online. The line had so much potential but Hasbro's methods are sending it to an early grave.

    makaikishi   3 years 40 weeks ago
  • Roadblock

    Yeah, this line is pretty much online-only if you're collecting it. I still haven't seen a single figure from the line at any retailer. All I got right now is both Snake Eyes figures. Not sure who else I even want to get. Maybe some more Cobra guys. Not really feeling the Joe figures at all. Kinda feel discouraged to even try collecting the line, especially the Target exclusive ones. Good God are those super-scalped to hell. $100+ per figure on the aftermarket. ****ING DISGUSTING. It's "anyone who isn't He-Man or Skeletor in Masters Of The Universe 2002 gets scalped" all over again, except now it's an entire line. Screw this line. Let it die.

    netkid   3 years 40 weeks ago
  • Megazord

    Yeah, for the full price when it's all said and done after sales tax, they really should've just put all 5 of these in a single box for like $45-50.

    netkid   3 years 40 weeks ago
  • Roadblock

    This is a line where I absolutely refuse to use scalpers. I refuse them in general anyways, but especially with a line like this that should be easy to get.

    I really hope Hasbro gets it together.

    Optimal III   3 years 40 weeks ago
  • Megazord

    The almost simplistic transformation, lack of detailing and the toy feels it's a few steps away from being a Happy Meal toy reeks of a kid's toy. Plus, kids won't even recognize this Megazord at all. Factor in the price and availability - good luck on that.

    I don't know anymore what's worse - the Beast Morphers Zords or this one.

    makaikishi   3 years 40 weeks ago
  • Roadblock

    "The toys are next to impossible to find anywhere." Except if you're shopping online and if you're willing to spend more.

    I'm new to the G.I. Joe Classified toyline (I just got Duke today online) and I was warned by another toy collector that finding these figures at retail will be hard due to the crappy distribution of Hasbro. Not helping the fact that online prices for these are going to go up in the future. Which means that fans of the G.I. Joe toyline will be pissed and might be discouraged to pick these up in the long run.

    This series has so much potential yet the crappy distribution and scalping will kill it. Then again, the Star Wars Black Series survived despite a rocky start.

    makaikishi   3 years 40 weeks ago
  • Megazord

    Without knees, all that hip and thigh articulation is pretty much useless. Damn Hasbro, I am disappoint.
    Either this is it, or they have a more expensive, better one planned for fans, and this one is just simplified for kids.
    Here's hopin'.

    netkid   3 years 41 weeks ago
  • Megazord

    I remember thinking "WTF" when I watched the Toys that Made Us episode about Power Rangers. How Haim Saban has made all these mega money making decisions throughout the brands history.......only to take the brand license from Bandai America, who was devoted to it, and hand it off to Hasbro, who's never going to put their best foot forward with it.

    Yes, they make money if Power Rangers does well, but it'll never line their pockets like Transformers, Nerf, or any of their other creations will. The Megazord's head looks nice, but this otherwise looked like crud from day one.

    Does not inspire hope for the Thunder Megazord.

    Optimal III   3 years 41 weeks ago
  • Oof

    What is up with those monstrous kneecaps? They're like twice as big as they should be.

    ArshadAA   3 years 42 weeks ago
  • Optimus Prime

    I'd rather Takara makes him a Generations Selects. The Masterpieces have had so many quality control issues that I avoid them like the plague. Just look at the horror shows that are Masterpiece Bayverse Optimus, G1 Hound, or Beast Wars Megatron.

    netkid   3 years 42 weeks ago
  • Our first experience with this line was NOT good. We bought the RX-78 from wave 1 and it's red shield was crushed. That's right, it had damage to the red plastic shield from being crushed before it was placed into it's clear tray, packaged, and shipped off to stores. You couldn't see the shield damage from where it was positioned in the packaging. Only after opening the toy would you see it. We ended up having to buy a replacement for a good shield. We'll probably take the defective one and customize it with added battle-damage to replicate the famous "last shooting" pose.

    netkid   3 years 42 weeks ago
  • Optimus Prime

    The cartoon is horrible, and the comics are good, but the toys are where it's at. I have every figure from the first three waves, and some of the fourth. It's cool that the electronics let the trailer transform into its part of the combined mode alone.

    Will be curious to see if Takara ever goes forward with the new version. Last news byte was that they weren't sure if they wanted to do him as a Generations Selects release or go ahead and make a Masterpiece figure. I'd be happy with both.

    Optimal III   3 years 42 weeks ago