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  • X-Ray Turbo Megazord

    Was that intentional or was this review hacked? It came out of nowhere so I'm guessing it's probably hacked...

    Kaiketsu Blinder   1 year 2 weeks ago
  • Oop I heard my name what

    Seriously, though- I've already had my fill of Kiramaiger at this point, and don't see myself getting any more than I already have.

    So at this point, feel completely free to do whatever you want with them on CDX.

    EVA_Unit_4A   1 year 3 weeks ago
  • Agreed. I own the original toy. Just buy that. It blows this new one out of the water in every way. Don't waste your money on this crappy remake.

    netkid   1 year 5 weeks ago
  • Luke's T-16 Skyhopper

    And then, 13 years later, it's STILL the only toy vehicle of the T-16!

    Tetsuryu   1 year 5 weeks ago
  • Getter Robo

    With all the new versions out, it's pretty unlikely this set will ever be reissued - which is really a shame because I don't particularly want to spend the aftermarket prices on this considering the aging rubber treads.

    Wish somebody made repro rubber parts for these, then it'd be no issue at all!

    Tetsuryu   1 year 5 weeks ago
  • This is definitely one of those toys that feels like a downgrade from the original. If you've got it then there's pretty much zero reason to get this one.

    Tetsuryu   1 year 5 weeks ago
  • Space Valour

    Maurizio Lobina of the band Eiffel 65 owned this as a kid. He has a photo of himself at Christmas with it. No idea if he still has the toy. You can see the photo at 1:45 in this documentary:

    netkid   1 year 6 weeks ago
  • Crucified Predator

    Thanks! Corrected!

    JoshB   1 year 6 weeks ago
  • Crucified Predator

    The new Predator movie simple called "The Predator" was released in 2018.

    makaikishi   1 year 6 weeks ago
  • Will there never be a Spaceketeers SOC?

    70 billon versions of Mazinger, check.
    More Getter Robo than you can shake a stick at, check.
    Many Grandizers spinning around, check.
    Gaiking from SOC to King Arts, check.
    Even some Danguard Ace SOC and Yamato.
    But alas no Jesse Dart, Star-crow, Queen Cosmos....sniff

    My force five collection arch will it always be so broken.....

    Bandai I am talking to you, you bought out Popy...make some Spaceketeers stuff!

    AJProDie-Cast   1 year 7 weeks ago
  • Dabulas M2

    I really like the look of this guy. We need more two-headed mechs/kaiju.

    Scarfang_The_Slayer   1 year 7 weeks ago
  • Looks great. Love the retro blue color. Had a chance to pick up a vintage one of these a while ago and passed on it, regretting it now...

    JoshB   1 year 8 weeks ago
  • Mazinger Z

    Hello, Congratulations for this great review!

    * I´m from Mexico and I have this curious fact:

    This particular Mazinger its called "MAZINGER CHISPITA" (And why in the world is that? you may ask)...

    "CHISPITA" means "little spark", and that nickname was given because that was the name of the workshop that "creates" this rare guy.

    Cheers form Mexico!

    PerV   1 year 8 weeks ago
  • Getter Robo

    I have a review coming up at some point of the 1999 Burn! Robocon Chogokin release and it really made me realize how much I loved that era of toys. A nice sweet spot between being actual toys and Collector pieces. The whole collecting environment has changed so much since then.

    JoshB   1 year 9 weeks ago
  • Getter Robo

    I'm with you, I miss the late 90's and early 2000's in the collecting field. Everything felt fresh, new, and exciting. Could have been a sign of the times and the period in my life back then that I wish every day I could go back to re-live and make better choices in my life.

    CHEN   1 year 9 weeks ago
  • Getter Robo

    This review reminded me of these re-issued SoC robots in the form of Dynamic Classics. I think it's about time I get one of these and Great Mazinger comes to mind.

    makaikishi   1 year 9 weeks ago
  • Getter Robo

    I still regret selling boss borat….
    I wish the Queen Cosmos would eventually come out.

    AJProDie-Cast   1 year 9 weeks ago
  • Getter Robo

    I do regret selling it, as I do many of the pieces from that time. It reminds me how much more toy-like SOC was then than it is now.

    JoshB   1 year 9 weeks ago
  • Getter Robo

    Very very complete review for just using selling photos.
    I still have mine, do you regret selling it?

    AJProDie-Cast   1 year 9 weeks ago
  • Blurr

    Armada is definitely different from where mainline Transformers toys have moved towards today. But I appreciate the effort and emphasis on toy over action figure.

    Blurr isn't G1 Blurr, but he's cool in his own way. As a whole, I think the only issue is doing an entire line around the same specific sub-gimmick. That's kind of icky, but seems they've learned from it.

    Optimal III   1 year 10 weeks ago
  • Jet Jaguar

    The miracle of studio lighting vs just taking a shot on my desk - same camera - Iphone XS

    JoshB   1 year 10 weeks ago
  • Jet Jaguar

    I don't know what camera and photo tent you're using, but it really makes the paint on that Playmates Jet Jaguar figure look so VIBRANT (like how it is on the X-Plus figure) compared to the dull powdery pastel colors the Playmates Jet Jaguar figure has in real life (as seen in your first photo).

    netkid   1 year 10 weeks ago
  • Trailbreaker

    I'm actually like you in this aspect. I prefer the original toy heads over the cartoon heads. Wheeljack, Mirage, Blaster and Perceptor come to mind.

    VZMK2   1 year 12 weeks ago
  • Optimus Prime

    This guy suffers from a bad case of exploding elbows. Beware!

    Tetsuryu   1 year 14 weeks ago
  • This is a surprise but too bad it's a web exclusive.

    makaikishi   1 year 15 weeks ago