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  • Evangelion Unit-01

    Hey--! Someone responded to one of my reviews! That's rare...! Thus, sorry for the delayed reply.

    Well, "Evangelion" holds a special place in my heart, so this is a topic I can really sink my teeth into since I know it well... despite the fact that I never actually finished it! (Alas, I am four dubbed episodes shy of the end; though I know a few general spoilers here and there.) ^_^;
    As for the extended neck, that problem is solved in the battle-damage upgrade version of the XS-01 set, which provides one specifically for when Unit-01 encounters the 14th Angel, and I specifically mention at the end there. Of course, I found out about the upgrade version after I got this version! Which pissed me off to absolutely no end because I'm not gonna spend another $70 for a near-identical figure! 'Repaints' like Units -00 (yellow only), -03 and -04 (no ****!) I will jump at. And if I like what I see with the four upcoming movies for "Rebuild of Evangelion", I may go for those as well. (Though I like the yellow -00 design, I don't much like this new repaint with white [SOCSpec #XS-04, BTW] they've come up with...)

    EVA_Unit_4A   15 years 37 weeks ago
  • know that I know Japanese like the back of my hand! :P
    Sooooooo... these are just static-pose Angels, or will there be some good range of motion involved here? They look like they're to-scale with the SOCSpec figures...!

    Should I mention that physical models/toys have been made of only the 3rd, 13th, 14th, and 17th Angels...?
    11th was a virus with no confirmed shape; 7th was split in half to form two independently-operating yet coordinated Angels (a clever form of regeneration, if I do say so myself); 9th was basically a giant, very thin spider with only four legs; 15th was made of light (but looked pretty wicked!); and 8th was poorly defined on-screen but had a real shape to it.

    EVA_Unit_4A   15 years 37 weeks ago
  • The angels are actually made out of soft vinyl = sofubi. Bandai's retro soft vinyl line is Soul of Sofubi.

    CollectionDX Admin

    JoshB   15 years 37 weeks ago
  • Voltes V

    The video review satisfied me a lot.That toy is totally AMAZING with its versatility,arsenal,etc...I'm glad I found the website that shows its "moves"(as seen on the video review).
    Now I wish I could buy one of those in my hometown...OMG!!!NO MONEY,NO CREDIT CARD,NOT A SINGLE ONE AVAILABLE IN MY HOMETOWN,Philippines.Man,how long could I wait for santa to give me one of those? Anywayz,THANKS TO WHOEVER PUT THIS AMAZING TOY REVIEW ABOUT MY ALL-TIME FAV ROBOT CHARACTER, VOLTES V!!!!!

    --Paul Tan--

    J Paul Tan II   15 years 37 weeks ago
  • Space Puzzle Fighters

    I had a Super Valkyrie from Macross very similar to these as a kid.

    Ginrai   15 years 37 weeks ago
  • See-!? I told ya in my SOCSpec XS-01 Evangelion Unit-01 review that there was a battle-damage version coming soon! Didn't I, didn't I, didn't I!?
    But what I didn't know was that they'd be making SOCSpec versions of the "Revival of Evangelion" versions of the EVA Units (XS-03 and XS-04?)! And they're making an SOCSpec version of the 3rd Angel!? And though it's clipped-off in that image, it looks like there's a prototype for the 4th Angel as well--! O.o? (I don't know why they're doing it because they're both far from being mecha, but I do want them nonetheless!)
    I guess this means my chances of picking up and SOCSpec version of my namesake just rose a bit! Yay!!!

    EVA_Unit_4A   15 years 37 weeks ago
  • UFO Robo Grendizer

    I kid, I kid!

    Those who know me well know of my nigh-irrational hatred of SoCs...especially the ones of characters for whom there is already a perfectly fine vintage counterpart. The GX-04 CLEARLY falls into this category for me.

    True enough, this is the toy that got me "officially" into toy collecting as well. And at first, I did love it. But then again, at first, things like "anime-accuracy" were paramount to me. I found most vintage toys quaint and silly in their proportions.

    I got better.

    Since then, I've learned quite a bit more about collecting and my tastes have evolved(!). "Collector" toys for adults are now vastly less interesting to me than most real toys for children (which, it so happens, are mostly the vintage kind).

    As for the GX-04, well, it's certainly got its flaws...but many vintage-lovers I know still swear by it. Not to be a *total* hater, myself, I happen to love the Spazer design for the most part. It seems very light, but the Grendizer figure fits very easily and perfectly in mine (symmetrical and everything), which makes me think Nekrodave's was maybe a lemon. The hinged piece that locks him in at the waist is a bit odd (certainly not in the cartoon), but it gets the job done. Similarly, I like the telescoping legs--smart idea to get the design to work. Lastly, the diecast content isn't bad.

    Still, I may just sell mine. I know, I know: sacrilege coming from a Grendy-nut. The thing is that he just SITS there on the shelf and I *never* have any desire to pick him up and fiddle with him. Sure, with a big collection, I don't get much facetime with many of my toys, but I at least pick up and fly most of them around from time to time. I *never* feel like doing that with the GX-04. The GA-37, on the other hand, is the COMPLETE opposite. I can't take my hands off the thing! ;) There's a reason for that: it's a simple, fun, lovable toy.

    Anyway, clearly, your mileage may vary. If they happen to release an "R" version of the GX-04, I may give it a whirl. Afterall, I like the GX-01R significantly more than the GX-01. The face sculpt was decent enough (looked cool anyway) on the -01, but with the -01R, it looked DEAD-ON to the cartoon. The other features were pretty much the same, but the added size and improved sculpt made me spring for the -01R.

    If they happen to go for a GX-04R, I could sure go for an improved face sculpt. Again, the -04 isn't just doesn't look much like he does in the cartoon. More importantly, however, I'd want SEVERAL modifications/improvements...

    On the Spazer, the Spin Drills and Spin Saucers are pretty pitiful for such signature weapons. The opening flaps don't flatten out to form a proper-looking buzzsaw, so the Spin Saucers are pretty much out. The Spin Drills are passable, but they don't even shoot. That's weak. The rage-inducing curly Screw Crusher blades, Dave has mentioned...along with the poor articulation below the belt. I hate the rubbery Double Hariken staff--I mean, it even looks bendy in the pic above. The curvy Shoulder Boomerangs that fit onto the body are just dumb; they should have just made do with flat, proper-looking Boomerangs that fit on the body, could be removed, and ultimately attached to a decent Double Hariken staff. The neck joint needs to be stiffer--a slight breeze throws his head off at a weird angle, making him look like a puzzled canine. And for the love of Duke, Bandai, could ya maybe engineer arms that didn't have to be swapped just to make the fists shoot? Pretty please??? I mean, there's already an absurd amount of accessories and kibble with this toy...I feel like I need an accountant present when I play with it...swappable elbows DON'T help...

    Yup. They'll make me one o' those. Yup, Bandai's listening. Yeah...and I'm a Chinese jet pilot.


    Sanjeev   15 years 37 weeks ago
  • Evangelion Unit-01

    Wow, nice Eva! Good review too, it's a pity about the neck though. I wonder if they're going to release the other ones in this style . . .

    Qwuff   15 years 37 weeks ago
  • Gaiking

    I ordered mine from BBTS using the Pile of Loot, so I haven't actually received mine yet. Regarding that factory defect on the leg, it looks like the legs are identical. Maybe you can swap the left and right lower leg pieces, so the defect will only show up on the inside of the left leg. If I'm wrong, then oh well... Looking forward to getting my hands on this guy, but I agree the lack of accessories is somewhat disappointing. I think it all comes down to the amount of plastic used overall. Kaiyodo probably considers that golden skull to be an accessory of sorts...

    EDcomics   15 years 37 weeks ago
  • Space Puzzle Fighters

    Nice! I had a "roundfacer" of these. I loved that little guy, and have been meaning to hunt him down in my box of memorabilia buried in the garage. It's so funny to see that someone else rememberes these things. Great little contribution!

    "And I'll form the head!"

    Gigamach   15 years 38 weeks ago
  • You covered BOTH of them!!?
    (mumbles something nasty about JoshB)

    EVA_Unit_4A   15 years 38 weeks ago
  • Deluxe Ninja Megazord

    I was supposed to review this, you creep...!
    Oh, BTW, the combined form is called the "Ninja Mega-Falconzord", not the "Shogun Mega-Falconzord"; that name is reserved for the combined form of the Deluxe Shogun Megazord and Deluxe Falcon Ninjazord. And when you add the over-used & mysteriously-resurrected Deluxe Titanus the Carrier Zord to the mix, they're called the Ninja Ultrazord and Shogun Ultrazord respectively.
    Finally, aside from the pre-applied decals on the knees, the Deluxe Ninja Megazord is a dead ringer for its original Japanese counterpart, the DX Goshin Gattai Kakure Dai Shougun from "Ninja Sentai KakuRanger" (1994), though you're right about the red-to-pink change on the Crane Ninjazord.

    EVA_Unit_4A   15 years 38 weeks ago
  • Wow! Turn A is #100. I heard rumors about another RX-78-2, or at least another Char's variant of something. Its good to see this design honored with an MG. I half expected a Non-UC for the big 100, but I was thinking it would be closer to Wing or another concept from SEED, but Turn A is a big change. Looks great!!!

    Also: saw on another site that Super Robot Wars is getting more into the 1/100 scale, Alteisen!

    Rob Braun   15 years 38 weeks ago
  • :) I like.

    Atom (not verified)   15 years 38 weeks ago
  • No, it just will be a catch all for smaller news that does not have enough content for its own post.

    CollectionDX Admin

    JoshB   15 years 38 weeks ago
  • New format is good. But by using it does that mean we would only see news updates once a week?

    Atom (not verified)   15 years 38 weeks ago
  • Megatron

    I have 20 of the Revoltech series figures, and Pat Lee's Megatron was my favorite until Saber arrived at my door. Still, he's incredibly put together.

    Defender of the...   15 years 38 weeks ago
  • Hey Guys Great Show , Keep up the good stuff

    djdrastic   15 years 38 weeks ago
  • Space Robot

    Sorry for the wait, I totally forgot to do this...

    And I'm sure you know this, but the original Gundam junior wasn't by Clover. It was aby "SMC", judging by the imprint on the back.

    "This must be settled the way nature intended....with a vicious, bloody fight!"
    Onyx Blackman
    Principal, Flatpoint High

    Nekrodave   15 years 38 weeks ago
  • Am I the only person who wondered if DieCast was actually Vegan?


    Yeah? ok then. =)

    jaydeflix   15 years 38 weeks ago
  • Don't forget that there were two different versions of this toy made. The one shown above is the missile version, and the other is the Bazooka version. The main difference is that the Bazooka version does not have the missile inserts but instead has a giant bazooka that mounts on the backpack. The toy itself is identical, it was just a way to make more money by packaging different accessories with the same toy. Also, the Bazooka version has a different version of Ginrei included.

    CollectionDX Admin

    JoshB   15 years 38 weeks ago
  • Diamond wants $200 for it thru the Previews system. That seems like highway robbery.

    Atom (not verified)   15 years 39 weeks ago
  • Daimos

    awesome review as always, great shots. One interesting thing to note that you omitted is the fact that the Mattel Daimos uses the same fists as those found on the Popy Voltes V Jumbo, which is kinda good in it's own way as it's alot easier to find a Daimos fist than fists for a Voltes V .

    "I had a choice, buy a new car or buy a Jumbo Machinder Green Ghost really wasn't a hard choice to make."

    Jerilock   15 years 39 weeks ago
  • I really really hope they'd come out with a SoC Saber Rider's Ramrod.
    And it will very cool if the pistol has cartridge.

    jubilante   15 years 39 weeks ago
  • Man-- If you're gonna correct me on something in one of my reviews, PLEASE e-mail me privately rather than smearing my mistake all over my review- not to mention TWICE in the SAME review!
    Trust me- I will get around to updating my reviews now that I can post them myself rather than using JoshB as a conduit all the time. Have you looked at all of the other reviews on CDX that are older than two years for mistakes, and that were written by other people? I'm sure that you'll find inconsistencies in them too.
    I'm not saying that I don't like the feedback (in fact I greatly appreciate it!), just that if you see something that needs correcting, let me know first, and I'll [discreetly] fix it.

    EVA_Unit_4A   15 years 39 weeks ago