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Toys that have been customized by the user and are not for sale to the general public.

Database listings may be incomplete and / or out of date and is not meant to be a complete listing of all toys. If you are on a parent topic, click on the child topic in the list above to get more concise results

Name No. Type Year
Sanjeev Custom Garamon/Garadama Piggy Bank (Glow) Sanjeev Custom Garamon/Garadama Piggy Bank (Glow) Custom, Kaiju
KaijuZoo Custom Getter 1 (Glow) Custom, Figure
Sanjeev Custom Daimajin (Glow) Sanjeev Custom Daimajin (Glow) Custom, Kaiju 2003
Sanjeev Custom Giant Sized Garamon (Glow) Custom, Kaiju
KaijuZoo Custom Manda KaijuZoo Custom Manda Custom, Kaiju
Sanjeev Custom Mogera (Glow) Custom, Kaiju
Dead Presidents Custom Pheydens Action Figure, Building Toy, Custom 2009
The Creature The Creature Character Toy, Custom, Designer Toy, Figure, Monsters 2009
The Creature Super-Glo Edition The Creature Super-Glo Edition Character Toy, Custom, Designer Toy, Monsters 2009
Mutant Bigaro (Custom) Mutant Bigaro (Custom) Custom, Designer Toy
Abnormal Brain Abnormal Brain Custom, Ephemera, Monsters, Prop 2008
Mutant Bigaos (Custom) Mutant Bigaos (Panzer Custom) Custom, Designer Toy
E. Killer E. Killer Custom, Designer Toy, Kaiju 2010
Baby Gin Gin Baby Gin Gin Custom, Designer Toy, Robot Toy 2011
Chaos Trooper (Custom) Chaos Trooper (Custom) Character Toy, Custom, Designer Toy 2011
Create Your Own Zombie Kit Create Your Own Zombie Kit Action Figure, Building Toy, Custom, Doll, Monsters 2011
Monstermatic Monstermatic for iOS and 3D Printed Figures Custom, Kaiju 2014
Energon Cubes Energon Cubes Custom
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