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The Veef Show Episode 54 - Orguss in August

I am once again joined by Richard of the Macross Speaker Podcast to discuss the second part of the Super Dimension trilogy: Orguss! In the first part we discuss the original 1983 TV anime and in the second we tackle the 1993 OVA sequel. Stay tuned for a possible followup show featuring more background material!

Visit to listen and download.

This show contains:

A cute robot.

A cute robot wearing a chef's hat.

Girls in flattering outfits.

The beautiful Mimsy Wrath.

The alluring soldier Athena.

A Manning of few morals.

Truly multi-dimensional imagery.

Superfluous mecha with equally superfluous transformations.

Mecha that are sometimes askew.

And Bro-guss for life.

Posted 18 August, 2013 - 22:39 by VF5SS