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This is General Products! A brief look at a work in progress.

Recently, I picked up an old General Products catalog from 1984, which I thought of translating and posting. The waxing romantic about GP will come when I post about it for real, but for now this is just a little bit of a taste. Anyway I quickly abandoned the idea of completely translating it, as I don't have the time, the experience with using editing software, and frankly, I'm too lazy. I will be posting full scans of the catalog though, and translating a couple of passages. In the mean time, I spent my night translating the store map, so I thought I'd post that. Be forewarned though, the editing probably got sloppier as the night went on. Also, it's a two page spread, and I'm not about to take the catalog apart, so the pages aren't joined together as nicely as I would have liked. Oh well.
There are some translation notes I'd talk about, but I'm going to bed for now.

Oh, the file probably isn't friendly to slow internets.

Two translation notes:

"Metallurgical Manager"- This was a tough one. I think the use of the word "焼結" (shouketstu) is a reference to Shaider, as in trying to translate it I found out it was his henshin phrase. Shouketsu means "sintering", the process of turning powders into solids, often used in ceramics and metallurgy. The problem was, I don't think anyone knows what sintering means (I don't, at least), and I couldn't figure out another word that would describe it as well in a short space. I even watched the first episode of Shaider subbed to see how the translators handled it, and they just left it as the translation's not quite right, but I think it works alright.

"P Authority" - So the original is "P通" (tsuu), the same word in the video game magazine Famitsu. I have no idea what this catalog is. Google had nothing, so I don't know if it's an abbreviation, or if that's the name and there's no record of it. I thought it might be Plamo Authority, but that doesn't appear to be a thing either.

Oh and I think the He-Man joke works better in Japanese.

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Posted 28 October, 2012 - 05:15 by SpaceRunaway