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Swass-Cast Halloween show with NekroDave

Just in time for Halloween, local geeks John Cimino and Keith Gleason of Hero Envy stopped by my place and we talked about our top 3 favorite classic monsters. It was a pretty lively and fun discussion so I hope you enjoy it.

This was my third appearance on the show. Since I wasn't really posting at the time of the others, I'll link them all below if you'd like to check them out.

In this episode, we talk about bootleg toys! I wasn't really expecting to have to provide all the toy examples so you'll notice that since it's all from my collection, they are primarily blow molded. But it's a fun talk anyway.

Before filming those two, we just took a tour of my collection. Initially, this was supposed to be a show specifically about monster toys and I had all sorts of notes ready, but when they arrived they were so impressed with the set up that they decided to just do this showcase instead. So my notes went out the window and it was all ad libbed. I'd go back and fix some errors if I had a do-over, but it is what it is. And as you can probably guess, much like the first 5 episodes of Some Assembly Required, they were all filmed on the same day. I sort of wish this was filmed at a later date as I've since completely re-worked my jumbo room and moved a bunch of shelves around. So it looks much different now than it did then.

Posted 8 October, 2012 - 13:28 by NekroDave