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Showa Pop! Imperial Japanese Army 2nd Sendai Now Recruiting!

Showa POP! Imperial Japanese Army 2nd Sendai Now Recruiting!

By Leonardo Flores ©2010

Interested in how a IJA soldier lived during the Pacific War? Southern California's own 2nd Sendai reenacts the standard IJA infantry soldier in WWII. Most of the goal of 2nd Sendai is focused on learning combat tactics, drill and the daily life of the Japanese soldier in WWII and participate in living history and education events.

A long time collector of Militaria myself, lately I have been purchasing original WWII Japanese items for my collection. Just like Japanese toy and record collecting, collecting Japanese Militaria has educated me on the Japanese experience during WWII. I have long been fascinated with the Battle of Iwo Jima and assembled an original uniform of WWII USMC that I'm nearing completion and plan to assemble a IJA uniform to go along with the USMC kit for my collection.

Earlier this month I participated in the Marching Through History event at Prado Dam in Chino, California and was quite impressed with the above member's impression of the uniform and kit of a soldier in the 2nd Sendai. A lot of time and money is put into these impressions and this is one of the nicest I've seen.

If you are interested in joining 2nd Sendai visit their website at

Posted 29 October, 2010 - 18:35 by Showapop


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Very cool. I have a few

Very cool. I have a few Japanese items from WWII that my grandfather gave me before he died. One of the items is a sniper scope with its case. Another item is a sword, not the greatest quality but still nice. I will try and get some pictures of them to share with you.

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Posted by Jeromy on 25 November, 2010 - 01:49

Thanks Jeromy!

I would love to see photos of your grandfathers items. Was he in the Marines or Army and do you know if he fought any of the battles? I would like to see photos of him in uniform if you could.

Thanks again!

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Posted by Showapop on 15 December, 2010 - 18:24