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Showa Pop! Futari No Ginza is the Greatest Film I Never saw!

Showa Pop! Futari No Ginza is the Greatest Film I Never saw!
By Leonardo Flores

It all started off when I doing research on a record that I just received. The song, "Young Echo" was a duet with Ken Yamauchi. While researching Ken I came across this film clip:

Needless to say I was blown away! Especially with his costar Masako Izumi. Her charm just captivated me and after some searching I was able to locate the original 45rpm on Toshiba Records which was I was to later to find out was called Futari No Ginza, which translates at Two People In Ginza. It's Romanji title is Ginza Lights. The record, on glorious Toshiba red vinyl is a duet sung by both Masako Izumi and Ken Yamauchi.

The way this film is shot is beautiful. Filmed and released right at the opening shots of Group Sounds era in 1966, it is a youth film full optimism and innocence that was prevalent during that era of Japanese Pop Music. The film reminds me of Breathless, A Hard Days Night and The Knack and How to Get It but with its own stand out Japanese flavor thrown in. Hand held shots, effects shots, natural lighting, GS music and unique edits makes this film fascinating.

I especially love how Masako sings. Although she was mostly an actress she has a very expressive and emotive voice.

Sadly the film is unavailable even in Japan. I simply can't find it. But somebody was kind enough to post the the first 8 minutes. of the film:

The best is what happen to Masako Izumi. In the great tradition of a Japanese Girl following her heart, Masako became the first Japanese woman to reach the North Pole by foot in 1985.

Seriously I can't get enough of the two! I hope to see the entire film one day, but I have a feeling its going to be in my 10 favorite films ever, and a space is reserved on that list for Futari No Ginza!

©2010 Leonardo Flores

Posted 28 October, 2010 - 14:30 by Showapop
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